Full Body Vibration: Getting The Hang Of Its Pros And Cons


With growing age, it’s likely for our bodies to experience change, which, if not handled, can lead to multiple health concerning problems. You might have heard of aging people struggling with stress, aging joints, bone density, and God knows what kind of illnesses. That’s because the growing body hasn’t been made to follow a suitable strength-building fitness routine.


Now, there is no need to worry about it, as whole-body vibration machines can help you curb this issue. If you have an observant eye, you must have seen full body vibration equipment in your gym. Typically, every gym has four to six whole body vibration plates, reserved for people who can’t lift heavy stuff. Coming to the real question, how do these machines work? What are the benefits and side effects? To put an end to your worries about aging and strength building, we have jotted down every relevant piece of information in this post to help you out. Just scroll down and read!


How does a body vibration machine function?


A full body vibration machine is a multipurpose body conditioning equipment that allows aging people to participate in a strength-building program. Moreover, people suffering from disabilities or certain conditions can also make use of this fitness machine.


The use of a whole-body vibration machine starts with placing your body onto the vibrating platform in either a standing, sitting, or laying stance. As soon as the machine is started, it vibrates, causing energy to channel through the body, creating a stretch reflex. Precisely, the body responds to the stimulation coming from an external source, resulting in contraction and relaxation of your muscles. In a minute, the stretch reflex of your muscles can happen up to 3000 times, making you feel like you’re actually in a regular fitness session.


What are the side effects?

With fitness equipment, there isn’t any such window of negative impacts; however, the vibration from a full body vibrating equipment may not suit everyone. It can be harmful to people having the following medical conditions:

·         With a pacemaker attached.

·         In case of pregnancy

·         On the road to recovery from a major operation

·         Acute hernia

·         Having Migraines

·         Diabetic 

·         Replacements in hip or knee

·         Having cancer

·         Epilepsy

·         Any neurological condition

·         Acute thrombosis

·         Cardiovascular illness

People who are suffering from the above conditions are made to avoid physical exertion on their bodies; hence they must consider a doctor’s appointment first before stepping on any such machine.

Misusing or staying on the machine for more than the time limit can actually have harmful effects on the blood circulation and nervous system. So, in order to harness maximum benefit, the machine must be used as per the time prescribed, i.e., no more than 15-20 minutes.


What are the Body vibration machine’s benefits?

On a positive note, there are multiple benefits pertaining to the use of a whole-body vibration machine.


Increased metabolism

Owing to the European Association study on Obesity, vibrating body parts where there is stubborn fat can aid in cutting it. The stretch reflex and vibration in combination strikes the belly fat that is deposited in between the organs.

The machine vibrations reduce cortisol levels that are responsible for causing stress, leading to overeating problems. Once the cortisol levels are brought down, the habit of unnecessary eating is averted, eventually resulting in more significant weight loss.


Improved blood flow

As mentioned before, the vibration from the moving plates results in better circulation of blood cells. This enhances the movement of oxygen and other nutrients in the body, improving the overall immune system and functionality.


Intensifying bone density

A body vibration machine can aid in lessening back pain, prevent bone weakness, and amplify strength. Mostly, women who are in their progressing age are likely to develop osteoporosis. With the help of these vibrations, the bones can regain their power as the hormone level in the body increases. Besides, hormone growth at an average level tends to increase muscle mass, improve metabolism, giving a youthful look to your face.


Good posture

Reaching an older age means a substantial risk of falling and breaking bones. In worse cases, falling accidentally can lead to embracing permanent damage and even death. By using a full body vibration machine, the bones and muscles can be strengthened without going through the hassles of lifting weights. Not only can you avoid brittle bones, but improve your overall standing posture.

Importantly, if you’re suffering from any pre-existing health condition or undergoing treatment, it’s better to avoid using whole-body vibration equipment. On the contrary, you can use the fitness machine to fatigue your overall body and experience a full-body workout without having to touch any weights.