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Fun clothing at Splash for your kids


As a parent, we always strive for our kids to wear the best of outfits so that they can look good and also have protection from the weather. However, the problem many parents would face is their kid being stubborn, such as their kids not wanting to wear raincoats, anti-slip boots for the rainy season, or not wanting to wear gloves and caps for the winter season. Kids can be unreasonable at times. This is the reason why Splash is preferred by many parents for their kids. Their fun kids' clothing range is perfect for finicky children and available for all sorts of weather. And with Splash fashions promo code they will be able to shop their heart out while staying under a budget.

Your children won’t say a no to you

Splash has an adorable range for kids which ranges from wet wear for the monsoon season and funky knitwear for the winters? You will be able to find different accessories such as caps, scarves, hats, gloves, raincoats, willies, bags and other items; they are so attractive that your kids won’t say a ‘no’ to you. The clothes have an appealing look; they come in different designs with animals and different cartoon characters on them. With Splash fashions promo code you will be able to shop all these cute outfits along with their matching accessories,

Pink cat hoodie for your girl

If you have a girl, then your little lady will love wearing a pink hooded jacket in the winter season from Splash. This jacket comes with a hoodie and is in pink color (girl’s favorite color) with a plushy cat face in the front of the jacket. To top off the entire look, there are cat ears on the top of the hood and your girls will want to wear that. This will help in keeping her head and neck warmer in the cold winter days. To complete the look, you can purchase a similar backpack and gloves from Splash with the help of Splash fashions promo code.

Fireman raincoat for your boy

How many times has it happened that your little boy wants to go out in the rain without wearing the raincoat because his raincoat is a little too boring for him? Not only will his clothes be wet but he might also have a chance of catching flu if he remains wet for a longer period. This is where fireman inspired raincoat comes to the rescue. This raincoat is perfect for the monsoon and has a bright yellow and red color which will make your boy happy and he will want to wear it whenever he wants to go out in rain. You can use Splash fashions promo code and buy a matching hat and rain boots for him to give him the complete look, your boy will never throw tantrums while going under the rain.

The variety is extensive and amazing; you will be able to find absolutely everything for your child at Splash. With the ease of shopping online, you can include your kids at their shopping spree without having to go to the retail store. Make sure to use Splash fashions promo code to avail discounts on apparel and accessories for your kids.

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