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Fun Way to Learn Italian: Tips and Practices

What is the world’s best way to learn Italian? People have been asking this kind of question forever, but the answers are always different. There is no single way on how to get from basic Italian to fluency. Some practices might allow you to enjoy the process.

Various people learn Italian for different reasons: some visited Italy, fell in love, and would love to reconnect mentally with their loved ones. Some people need it for their diploma or getting into the university. That is why the learning approaches of language will be different, the angles also shifted, and the practices we will show you are equally engaging.

Let’s start with the common practices on learning Spanish for beginners and end with the funniest tips.

Learn the Basic Grammar and Phrases First

Knowing the basic grammar and modal verbs will get you to the level where you will be able to form phrases and communicate. We know it is hard at first, but each student needs to get the basics. You may wonder how to do that on your own?

You don’t need to do everything alone you can find an online Italian tutor in Preply. You can pick not only the one you like there. Choose the level of the teacher, their country of origin, and many more.

It is so cool that you can order a trial lesson for free to make sure that this particular tutor is someone you get along with.

Why grammar is necessary? The importance of grammar is hard to overestimate: we learn by remembering the repeated language patterns, which grammar construct are.

Use Software For Learning Italian

Learning a new foreign language is more about fun than being constantly overworked with the tasks. There is no gain of knowledge without joy. Thankfully now you can learn the language with the help of software specially created for these purposes. The list of the most popular ones are short:

  • Duolingo, which is an application for learning foreign languages. It is the one for beginners, where the focus is on vocabulary and basic grammar;
  • Rosetta Stone is an application for the medium and advanced language level. The application might help to improve the communication skills and get faster to the native speaker level.

There are more applications and online services on the market now like Language Trainers. They can boost our language knowledge, and some of them even use AI in learning!

Learn Italian with Native Speakers

The funniest way to learn Italian is through communication with native speakers. Find a friend from Italy and spend some time together! There are many ways to get in touch with foreign friends:

  • Find an internship if you are a student. This way you can go to Italy, learn about culture, arts and boost your English;
  • Get a scholarship in Italy. You can continue learning the field you study in your university, for example, or start something new. The most important thing about that is that the process will be held in Italian!

Plus you can always go to Italy for a holiday: it is a country with astonishing nature, delicious cuisine and friendly people, who would love to help you with your study.

Surround Yourself with the Language

One more bonus tip on how to learn Italian effectively is to surround yourself with the language. It can take different forms:

  • You can watch movies in Italian on streaming TV, Netflix is a great one to start watching with subtitles;
  • Read books in Italian;
  • Get stickers with the objects all over your house. The stickers also have to be in Italian!

Bottom Line

Italian is an easy language to learn for those who enjoy the process and know more than one foreign language. Some say it resembles English and Spanish, some say it doesn’t. The more you learn this language, the better you can understand the culture. You get better emotions of the people for whom Italian is the native language.

The last but not the least important tip: always practice the language you learn, don’t make take a break, because if you do, you might lose the feeling of it.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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