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Fun Ways How Concrete Repair Contractors Patch Concrete

All you need to know how concrete repair contractors patch concrete. The architectural work is highly based on concrete usage. Opposite to popular belief, concrete is different from cement. It is a mixture of water, gravel (sand, rock) and cement. This mixture then becomes dry and takes the shape which we require for the construction work. This is the mixture we are all familiar with. Concrete is highly durable and can last up to 20-30 years, but there is a complication. With time the concrete starts to crack up, and there may appear some holes in it. These nasty cracks can become a real eyesore. To get rid of these unwanted cracks, first, you must know the types of concrete cracks.

There are two types of cracks

       Wire Crack

       Hairline crack

The hairline crack is a bit smaller and can be filled up with masonry crack filler after cleaning the debris from the damaged area. The wire crack is a bit tricky and can be repaired using a patching mix of good quality. The wire cracks can take a little bit of your effort because they are deep, and the surface can move. First, you need to clean up the area and gradually add the mixture and smooth it.

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       Edge repairing 

The edges of the concrete passages are the most likely to get damaged. This looks particularly hard to repair, but all you need is a good bonding agent and a good concrete mixture to repair it.

There are some ways that you can have fun with your concrete designs. To fill up these cracks and even avoid them entirely, you can use some of these methods. We have got some creative ideas for you which will make it as good as new.

       Get Creative with the patterns.

You can make different kinds of designs with concrete. Circular, geometrical and swirls with the simple pavers.

       Let the grass grow.

You can make such designs that will allow the grass to grow can genuinely look unique.

       Stencilled Effect

Stencilling produces an image or pattern by applying pigment to a surface. Adhesive-backed masking patterns made of vinyl or plastic create a stencilled effect. The adhesive keeps the pattern in place while the decorative treatment of choice is applied to it. This creates a lovely design.

       Air Entrainment

Air entrainment or free-surface aeration is the process that traps the un-dissolved air bubbles and air pockets that are made during the flow of liquid. Adding an air entrainment admixture to fresh concrete can trap the microscopic air bubbles and improve the hardened concrete's durability and resistance.


This process is used to give an antique look to the concrete. This technique involves the use of color layering.


Seeding is an ancient technique, but it is still relevant today. In seeding, the builders use different kinds of rocks and scatter them all over the concrete's surface to give a colorful effect.

       Bonding Agents

Bonding agents are often used in repairing processes and increase the adherence of coatings and toppings to the existing surface. It is also used to bond new concrete to the old and is also known as the prier.

       Crack stitching

It is used for repairing cracks with the help of drilling holes on both sides of the crack and then grouting in wires or u-shaped metal strips that span the crack.

       Crack Chasing

It is also used in crack filling. The cracks are routed out with a saw or angle grinder before filling up with the repair material.


To provide extra protection from water damage, a penetrating liquid chemical is used. This chemical is used to harden and solidify the surface. This process is often used for polished concrete.

       High Build Coating

This is a protective and decorative coating that creates a thick film on the surface and provides protection.


Before applying any repairing material on the damaged surface, one must use these masking tapes, adhesives, and stencils. This will limit the repair to the damaged area.

       Polymer modified overlay

Overlay manufacturers use different kinds of polymer resins and often blend them to create proprietary products with unique characteristics. It improves performance, wears resistance, and aesthetic quality.


All these methods are very appealing and can increase your home's beauty by giving some flair to the simple designs that we see all around. However, the filling up of these cracks needs skill and patience, and it is better to get these done by a professional Concrete Repair Contractor NYC to avoid any sidewalk concrete repair hazard.


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