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Fun Ways To Educate Your Employees About Cyber security

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Internal threats are one of the most common cybersecurity risks. Many companies are finding it hard to keep their employees interested and keen on cybersecurity. Waking up to compromise of your client’s details due to a cybersecurity bleach can cause adverse measures to be taken on any company that is a victim.

This is why it is essential to keep your employees attentive to cybersecurity. Educating them on things like VPNs, introducing to such services as Tunnelbear, and explaining what firewalls are may not be that easy, given that not all have an interest in tech-related topics, but it is so much worth it. Here are some ways to make sure that educating your employees on this matter is fun and easy to remember for them as well.

1. Creatively talking about cybersecurity

You do not always have to keep topics on cybersecurity formal and strict. With time employees get so worked up about it that they quickly get bored when you bring up the subject. You can come up with ways communicating on the importance of cybersecurity that makes it look exciting or something that is fun to do.

You can use videos, blogs, graphical and other presentations. Indeed, visual messages have been scientifically proven to have a more lasting impression on a human being than just words.

2. Use of Memes

Memes have become one of the most engaging methods of communication with the current generation. People create memes about everything and anything. You can say behind every viral embarrassment or trend there is a meme. With this being quite enjoyable, you can also have memes for cybersecurity that will help your employees enjoy having the knowledge and making it a little less uptight.

You might find them actually creating the memes for themselves and sharing it among themselves during and off official hours. It will quickly and in a fun way drive the message home.

3. Engaging the employee

You do not have to do all the work when it comes to passing the message on the importance of cybersecurity. You can give the first delivery but when it comes to emphasizing on it, let your employees feel more engaged in the process.  This will make them feel that you appreciate that they might actually know something concerning the topic, and you are ready to hear them out as well. You can ask one of them to do a presentation on the same or look for a friend who can do it.

4. Using games

Games are not restricted to children. Turn education into a game makes it fun and engaging at the same time. You can hire a trainer to come up with a game on cybersecurity during a team-building exercise. This will help your employees loosen up and understand methods and the importance of cyber-security efficiently. They will also remember it as well and be more receptive to it. You can even play the game often to see if the previous winner will still hold their winning title or other winners will come up. You can also turn it to your company's culture, say something you do quarterly in a year.

5. Awards and appreciations

Awards are highly esteemed by everyone. With the games, you can have a prize for the winner — the kind of award that every employer will want to receive so that they are striving to be better at the game and knowing more on cybersecurity.

You can as well keep appreciating people who show progress on the same or those who volunteer maybe to give a talk on cyber-security. In this way, every active participant will feel more motivated to thrive on matter cyber-security.

6. Scheduling more training

You can never have too much training when it comes to cyber-security. Technology keeps on evolving and so should you cybersecurity measures and the knowledge of it. You can schedule training at least once or twice a year. With this training, you can actually incorporate the other methods mentioned above to make them lively and memorable.

In training, you can get an expert on the topic with knowledge in psychology so that they can as well help you come up with ways of making cybersecurity less complicated and more fun for your employees. Also, you can hold seminars where employees get to invite their friends and family and benchmarking activities.


With the above methods, you could never go wrong on making cybersecurity a heated topic that everyone is effortlessly talking about within your company. Making your employees feel at home in the office and responsible for the cyber security is the best way to go about it. It will come naturally for them to adhere to the precautions and you will not have to keep reminding them now and then. The message will reach home safely and stay there for as long as you keep it fun and engaging. Do not forget to keep researching methods to keep the process fun and new.

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