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Function Of Sports Medicine Physician

If you are involved in heavy physical activities or if you are an amateur athlete, you have heard about sports injury or at least faced one. Sports medicine physician are orthopaedic specialists. They look after injuries faced by athletes and other musculoskeletal injuries. They are qualified to inscribe any medical issue associated with sports. Generally, these medical issues involve anything from joint pain to lack of nutrition-related conditions and osteoarthritis. Although these physicians are well known for their part in counselling and treating both novice and professional athletes, they also treat other patients who are not into sports.

Are sports medicine limited to athletes?

No, they are not. Since the medical conditions related to these issues are more seen in sports, they are called sports medicines. But these damages are musculoskeletal injuries. They tend to happen during any exercise and when participating in physical activities. Children are more inclined to sustaining these injuries than grown-ups are. But grown-ups can get these injuries, especially when exercising, dancing or doing any physical activity after a long time. 

Furthermore, sports doctors are expert in countering musculoskeletal injuries. They are also qualified to treat young kids and aged people with medical conditions related to their bones or muscles.

What are the injuries treated by a sports medicine physician?

The injuries and medical conditions diagnosed by the sports medicine physician are:

1. Rotator cuff tear- It is an injury to the accumulation of tendons and muscles supporting our shoulder joint. It usually affects those people who frequently perform any overhead motions, especially tennis players and baseball pitchers. It can also affect anyone who practices incorrect repetitive motions, which put stress on their shoulder. This tear can either be partial or full. A full rotator cuff tear can require surgery. Symptoms are easy to detect as it starts with a muted ache in your shoulder. Further, it causes sleep disturbances, especially when you end up lying on the affected shoulder. You may face difficulties to use the arm or wear your clothes.

2. Achilles tendon rupture- The Achilles tendon can get torn or ruptured when excessive pressure is put behind the lower leg. It can happen if your landing from a high jump without any support. Then your foot gets the full impact. If you suffer from a torn Achilles tendon, you will feel a sharp pain in your heels.

3. Ankle sprain- It is the most common injury even for a person not doing any kind of sports. You probably do not even need to do extreme physical activities to get an ankle sprain. It happens when your ankles twist severely. The ligaments present in your ankle either get stretched or get torn.

Where can I find a sports medicine physician?

They are the most common doctor. You can easily find them in your area. When they are not diagnosing athletes, they are doing so with the aged people who have problem with their bones and ligaments. Just like any other doctors, you have to make an appointment and show up on the day of the appointment. After going through your medical history and checking your medical tests, they will start diagnosing your issue.

If you are not an athlete and feel any kind of discomfort in any part of your bones, you should consult a physician. Constant ignorance can develop these minute issues into a severe problem. If you do not take care of your medical conditions immediately, they can get worse and may affect your life. To avoid such a situation, consult as soon as you feel uneasy in your shoulder or joints.

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