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Fundamental Korean Asking For Help In South Korea

It is essential to be aware that Koreans use different verb conjugations based on the person they're talking to. The various conjugations suggest various heights of respect and politeness. For the intent of travel in Korea, it is fine to utilize either the polite form of this verb, and that is what will likely probably be included on this listing. Koreans will not anticipate foreigners to comprehend the subtitle principles of Korean honorifics, therefore only being polite is your very perfect thing to do.

Additionally, you may observe several phrases have been recorded more than once. That is as unlike in English, Koreans have various variants of phrases and words to get very specific scenarios.

Now, let us find some standard Korean phrases for traveling!

The Most Fundamental Korean Words You Should Know

Here are the most frequent means to greet somebody at any time of the day. You are going to be greeted whenever you enter a store, restaurant, cab - nicely everywhere, actually. That means you ought to find out how to say hi in reply.

Here is actually the goodbye to utilize if somebody else is departing. "Ga-se-yo" way to proceed, and that means you're essentially telling somebody to proceed peacefully.

Here is actually the goodbye to use whenever you're leaving. There's a small gap in the endings of these 2 goodbyes nonetheless, do not fret a lot if you do not keep in mind the gap. You could always simply say"an-nyeong."

  • Mol-la-yo (몰라요): '' I really don't understand.

/Only a minute.

You are able to take advantage of this term to have the eye of the others, for instance, if you require a person to go from the way. It is also possible to use this to imply"wait a moment "

Use this edition of"excuse me" to capture attention at a restaurant or company.

This edition of explanation I am utilized to apologize, just like when you accidentally bump into somebody else.

  • Gam-sa-hab-ni-da(감사합니다): Thanks.

  • Gwaen-chan-ayo(괜찮아요): It is alright/never mind/it's fine.

  • Cheon-man-e-yo(천만에요): You are welcome/don't mention.

  • Shi (씨): Insert this at the end of somebody's name to be considerate. This signifies Mr./Ms. regardless of sex or marital status.

  • Ji-guem (지금): At the moment.

  • Eol-ma-ye-yo? (얼마예요? ) ): Just how much can it be?

  • I-geo ju-se-yo : Give me, please.

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Asking for Assistance

If you are traveling in a nation that does not speak your language, there is likely going to be many times you have to request assistance. When it's a crisis situation or you are just seeking a bathroom (that, fine is likewise an emergency occasionally ), below are some basic Korean words to request assistance.

  • Do-wa-ju-se-yo (도와주세요): Allow me too!

  • Gyeong-chal-eul bul-eu-se-yo. (경찰을 부르세요): Telephone the authorities.

  • Eung-geub sang-hwang-i-e-yo! (응급 상황이에요): It is a crisis.

  • (의사가 필요 해요)I want a physician.

  • Ah-pa-yo. (아파요)I feel ill.

  • Jil-mun-i is-seub-ni-da. (질문이 있습니다): I have a query.

  • Byeong-won (병원): Hospital

  • __eh ga-ya hay-yo ( __ 에 가야 해요): This paragraph means I must go into the (location ). Therefore, you are able to state"byeonh-won-eh ga-ya hay-yo," to imply"I must visit the hospital.

  • Eo-di-ye-yo? (어디예요? ) ) : Where can it be? You might even put in the area in the front of this query. Consequently, if you inquire"Hwa-jang-sil eo-di-ye-yo?" you are asking where the toilet is.


When these words appear easy on paper, then you may want to practice talking them out loud to be certain your pronunciation is ideal. You can enter and listen to some other Korean travel terms, then list your pronunciation. Speechling's committed trainers will provide you personalized comments. Your pronunciation will probably soon be just like a native speaker in virtually almost no time in any way!

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