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Furniture on rent in Mumbai

Gone are the days when people used to spend a fortune on furniture and its maintenance. People are gravitating more towards the use and throw culture, except that many of us are not as rich as to be able to buy new furniture and throw the old ones into the garbage as our whims permit us to.

People are now hooked on the idea of renting out furniture rather than investing a huge amount into buying and maintaining them. In India, you can get a bed on rent in Mumbai along with entire bedroom set for just around Rs.1200, and this will include a double bed and mattresses, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a dressing table and bed linen. All of which if you are going to invest in and buy will cost you anywhere around from a whopping 50 - 75 thousand.

 If you’ve invested a fortune in doing up your home with the furniture of your choice, you might be tempted to take your cherished possessions along when you move. But this luxury comes at a hefty cost. On average, it costs Rs 20,000-30,000 to pack and move a basic set of furniture that fits a 2-bedroom house. Additionally, there is a risk of causing them damage as well.

And In a metropolitan city like Mumbai, most of the people live in rented apartment, or houses. So, it does not make any particular sense to invest so much in furniture when you do not exactly know what your next house is going to look like.

Renting out furniture V/s Buying furniture

Renting out furniture suits the current utilitarian lifestyle that most of us tend to follow.

  • Furniture like cot, dining table and wardrobes belong to the heavier side of the equipment that you might own and are the harder and the most difficult to move. Whereas if you get furniture on rent, you do not have to worry about moving or maintenance. Which makes it more sensible to rent a cot rather than buy it.
  • You can change the décor of your house at your whim.
  •  Get trendy furniture for every room of your house
  • They are easy on the pocket and cost effective
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Most of the companies offer free relocation, which is a huge advantage since hiring movers are expensive
  • Some rental services turn a blind eye to minor damages, so even if the furniture is a bit damaged while it was with you, you won’t have to pay any hefty damage charges.
  • Though you can select the package or furniture you like from the selection on offer, it will always be custom made for youand will help a lot to keep it organized.

However, this hands down the best option for you if you are constantly on the move. The furnitures of Furlenco are made of good quality and durable materials, which increase its longevity. Thus, renting on the furnitures of Furlenco is indeed a good decision.

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