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Fussy Infants, Digestion and Colic

Colic is the diagnosis when a baby is crying consistently over a period of hours or even days, that goes on for several weeks and can last for the first few months of their lives. Typically a baby’s cry is more piercing than their normal cry, they flex their legs, tense their stomach and clench their fingers. Parents are not able to soothe them. There is no specific cause and doctors believe it is something to do with their underdeveloped digestive system. Between ten to twenty percent of babies have colic, sometimes mild, sometimes very serious. Colic treatments, Ocean County and beyond vary because the cause is not exactly known.

The condition of Sciatica is some type of irritation to the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body that begins in your lower back and then goes down the hips, buttocks and legs. There are many people with Sciatica, Monmouth County, and each might have different reasons for that irritation or injury. While that injury often originates in the pelvis or lower back, pain which can be moderate to quite severe can travel down. Here is a look at some of the common causes of sciatica and how chiropractic care can help with it.

Trials looking at treating colic with chiropractic care

In some small studies run by and published by expert chiropractors, it suggests that as many as 94% of babies with colic that receive chiropractic treatment show improvement in symptoms. This shows some results that are more promising than other colic treatments in Wall such as making changes to their diet, positioning and medications.

One trial found that “Spinal manipulation is effective in relieving infantile colic”. Babies with colic were put into two groups, one received medication for colic, and the other was treated for two weeks by an expert pediatric chiropractor. At the end of the two weeks over 25% more babies showed a lessening in crying in the chiropractic group than in the medication group!

In another small study of 316 children, mothers kept diaries of their colicky babies and the crying and symptoms. With two weeks of three adjustments per week, the majority of babies started showing improvement. When you are looking for colic treatments Ocean County, chiropractic adjustments can lead to positive results.

The natural alternative treatment option

More people are looking for natural options for a variety of treatments and conditions, for themselves and for their children. If there is a natural method to treat something, surely that is better than putting drugs into your or their body. It is a safe way to reduce their symptoms and possibly even ease them completely. When you are feeling stressed and desperate to help your baby, and you feel like the colic is impacting your bonding with your child, there is no harm in trying a pediatric chiropractor for natural options for colic treatments in Wall.

Keep your baby safe while using an effective colic treatment option

Colicky babies are sadly more likely going to be at risk of shaken baby syndrome and abuse. Parents are stressed and some react poorly. Some are worried or hesitant to take the baby to the chiropractor though because the idea of those physical manipulations worries them. A pediatric chiropractor does not use the same manipulations as are used on adults though. While the same understanding is behind the treatment, that vertebral subluxation affects the nervous system and the stomach and such too, the corrections are greatly changed to be safe.



This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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