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Garden Lights Design Guide

When it comes to garden lighting, it can easily be the absolute best way that you can add drama, allure and beauty to the exterior of your home during the evening hours.  Here are some of the first steps that you are going to need to take in order to really create a distinctive and functional design that will be able to take your property to the next level and have the absolute best lighting after the sun goes down.

Always Form Different Ideas to Accentuate Your Landscape Layout

In order to really make your outdoor space’s lighting be the best that it can be, you are going to want to plan out exactly it is that you are trying to do.  In order to do this correctly, you are going to need to walk around your yard during the day, as well as the night, making sure that you select several different key focal points that you are going to potentially highlight.  Perhaps there is a stoic oak tree or a tall palm tree that you can highlight.  If you don’t have any trees in your yard, maybe it will be a majestic group of several juniper shrubs.  Perhaps you don’t have any foliage in your backyard at all.  In this case, you may want to have a stone wall accented with some nice capstones or a beautiful water feature.

No matter what your backyard contains, the process is going to be the same.  You are going to want to find a focal area that you can accent with the use of lighting.  This is going to be the very first step in lighting your landscape.  Once you have identified all of the key focal points that you are going to define, you can then go on to select the appropriate lighting and really bring your backyard to life during the night.

Sketch Out Your Landscape

Once you know the focal points that you are going to accent, the next step is going to be to make a sketch of what you want your landscape to look like.  Start your sketch by drawing out a perimeter, and then start adding any buildings, benches, decks, shrubs, trees, decorations and other types of vegetation.  Once this is done, you can then highlight the focal points that you have decided to accent from the previous step.  While this may sound silly, it will help you choose the type of LED Outdoor lights that you are going to require later on.

Select the Lights That You Are Going to be Using

Now that you have decided what your yards focal points are going to be and have sketched everything out, it is now time to go and get your landscape lighting fixtures.  This is going to be very important for each of the designated areas that you are going to be lighting up.  On top of that, you are going to need to decide on what colors you would like your lights to be, as well as how bright they should be.  Just be sure that you stick to your plan from steps one and tow, and you will have no trouble at all.

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