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Garmin STRIKER PLUS Transducer and Protective Cover

Garmin STRIKER PLUS Transducer and Protective Cover

You may want to catch more fish while fishing with some pieces of excellent fishing equipment. Sometimes you cannot become as successful as your expectations. Perhaps you don't know the exact location of most of the fishes. And that's why people around the world feel the necessity of fish finder like you.

When it comes to the right fish finding device, choosing the best fish finder under 300 dollars can be a bit challenging. Different manufacturers create tons of different models with various features. You might feel a dilemma when you are going to choose the best one. So, we want to help you, and we are now going to share our knowledge through an excellent fish finder device. Hopefully, this will be the right gear for you. 

Review of Garmin STRIKER PLUS 4cv with CV20-TM transducer and Protective Cover

The Striker Plus 4cv is one of the best fish finders of the Garmin Company. This one is a great unit that focuses on fish finding with fantastic features and primary navigation. This unit comes with several features, like a more extensive display and GPS technology. Besides, it has a lot of features that you cannot overlook. 

Quality Material

This fish finder comes with sturdy material that makes it one of the best among plenty of fish finders available on the market today. It has a built quality that allows it to dive in any weather. Anything can hardly be able to damage it. Besides, the size of the device is compact so that it can be fitted perfectly in the grasp of your hand. You can bring it wherever you go fishing without feeling any difficulty.

Excellent Display

When it comes to the monitor, this fish finder features a display, which is sunlight-readable. This 4.3-inch unique display offers an intuitive user interface so that you cannot miss any detail that you find while fishing. With the use of sonar and transducer CHIRP, it boasts a very impressive display screen to provide a crystal clear image. You can easily see the data even if you are on the boat.

Mobile App Feature

If you want to operate the device, you need a mobile app feature to run it. The fish finder includes Quickdraw contour map-creation software to make complete maps of the fishing areas. If you need to make a million acres of map-making, it will never be a severe issue. After running the software, you will be able to have the necessary data to find out the exact location of the fish.

GPS Technology

The included GPS is powerful enough to locate the previous position. With this technology, you can create routes and view the boat's speed. The GPS not only provides your right location, but it also measures and shows your speed. You can also travel throughout the fishing areas by using the including waypoint map.


  • Includes powerful built-in GPS
  • Comes with a durable design for harsh environment
  • Creates routes and view boat speed with the GPS
  • Features integrated Garmin quickdraw contours mapping software
  • Includes transducer


  • It comes without carrying case


Finding out the right device for fishing can increase the rates of your success. But, if you pick a good fish finder under 300 dollars, it can be better than the previous one. However, we've tried to cover all the things that an angler wants to have in a fish finder. So, we think this fish finder might be a suitable option for you.

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