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Gastrointestinal Surgery Treatment Offered at Aditya Birla Hospital Pune

The digestive system is known as the gastrointestinal tract. This track begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. And in between this, there is the esophagus, small & large intestine, stomach and rectum. In 2016, the survey reported that diseases that were caused by digestive problems were around 63.3% of deaths. According to the study conducted by Abbott India in 2018, it estimated 22% of the adult population in India is suffering from constipation, out of which 6% of people have high chances of digestive cancer. 

Digestive disorders arise from various factors like food, comorbidities, medicines and infections. And due to the unhealthy lifestyle, many people face digestive disorders. Therefore for the treatment of the digestive system, related health problems, gastroenterologists are the health experts. Gastroenterologists are doctors who are experts in treating issues related to the digestive tract. The doctors know about the functions and diseases of the stomach, intestine, liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

If you visit a hospital for treatment, the doctors may ask you to run a few medical tests. Medical tests are required to diagnose the root of the problem. Therefore the doctors can design a treatment plan for the patient.

Common Tests to Diagnose Digestive Disorder -

  • Blood Test: The doctors will recommend that the patient run a blood test to diagnose any food poisoning. It helps the experts to drive a treatment plan based upon several tests. 
  • Colonoscopy: This is a type of imaging test of the colon that detects abnormalities using a colonoscopy. The duration of the imaging usually involves one to two hours. And the results are delivered within a day. This imaging test is driven to detect colon cancer and colorectal polyp.
  • Upper GI endoscopy: An examination of the upper GI tract is done with the help of a camera held on a flexible tube called an endoscope.
  • Endoscopic Ultrasound: Endoscopic ultrasound combines endoscopy and ultrasound, which is done to measure the root of digestive diseases. This imaging test takes two to three hours, and the results are delivered within 30 to 60 minutes. This test can diagnose colon cancer, pancreatitis, lymphoma, and neuroendocrine cancer. 
  • Balloon Expulsion Test: The test helps in identifying the problems related to defecation in the rectum.
  • Biopsy: Biopsy is done to obtain a sample of tissue for laboratory analysis. A tissue sample is taken to detect if the patient has a tumor, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver.

During your appointment with Gastroenterologists -

The first visit to Gastroenterologists can make you nervous. Of Course, it is difficult to talk about your digestive disorder if you don't know the exact reason. But it is important to know that digestive problems are normal, and the more you talk freely during the consultation, the easier it gets to choose to solve various issues. The health experts are trained for the treatment and consultation. If it's your first time, these are the following things you can do to make it more comfortable:

  1. Take Notes: During the consultation, your first conversation is important. After knowing your signs and symptoms, the doctor will mention further procedures. It may include a treatment plan, medication, and diet plan. Furthermore, the doctor will also recommend some tests and surgery if needed.
  2. Present Medical history: The doctor will ask for medical history; it will help diagnose any family history or track record of the digestive disorder.
  3. Ask questions: There are many doubts in mind as a first-timer; you can ask the doctor your queries. Some questions to ask:
  • Do I need surgery?
  • What are the prime signs and symptoms of the digestive disorder?
  • What diet should I include in my lifestyle?
  • Will exercise help in treating my condition?
  • Are there any treatments I can begin now?
  • Will I always have this? Or can it be cured?

Diseases related to digestive disorders can be severe if not treated on time. If you witness any signs and symptoms of GI disorder, seek immediate treatment. Looking for Gastrointestinal Surgery Treatment in Pune, Credihealth helps you book an appointment with the hassle-free process. Aditya Birla Hospital Pune is well equipped with experts and technology for digestive disorders.

Aditya Birla Hospital Pune -

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital is located in Chinchwad, Pune. It is a multispeciality hospital which has a capacity of 500 beds. Established in 2006, the hospital offers a wide spectrum of upgraded technology. The staff at the hospital make sure patients are given the best medical care.  Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital has skilled professionals who aim to provide quality healthcare in every medical department. There are 13 operation theaters, laboratory, ambulance, lounge and blood bank service.

Treatment for Digestive Disorder -

The doctors at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital offer the best treatment for digestive disorders. After running through all the tests, the health experts will proceed with the treatment plans. The treatment plan differs from patient to patient; the following are the treatment provided for digestive disorder :

  1. Medication: A short course of antibiotics may be prescribed when the patient has bacterial or parasitic infections. The doctors may prescribe antacids, antibiotics and health supplements for abdominal pain. Some chronic diseases might need long-term medication. 
  2. Endoscopic treatment: this treatment plays a major role in chronic digestive disorders. In addition to this, there is endoscopic treatment available for reflux diseases and the removal of gallstones. Therefore, endoscopic treatment is the first choice to treat the digestive disorder. 
  3. Surgery: In some digestive disorders, medical emergencies need surgery; the doctor suggests surgery treatment for the patient. Suppose the patient has acute abdominal pain, ruptured organ and gastrointestinal bleeding, then the doctor advises for immediate surgery. Surgery is used to remove tumors.  

The majority of the population, especially college-going teenagers and office working adults, face digestive disorders. Specifically, due to constipation, people consume junk food and oily ingredients in their diet in day-to-day life. Therefore it invites many digestive disorders. If you witness any signs and symptoms related to gastric track, seek immediate treatment from the doctor. It is important to follow a routine check-up and take medication prescribed by the doctor. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can bring balance in treating many diseases.

Credihealth’s Benefits – 

Choosing the Best Gastrointestinal Surgery Treatment in Pune can be challenging. For the patient fighting against digestive disorder, it is necessary to get the proper treatment. Credihealth helps you book an appointment. In addition to this, you can communicate with health specialists of  Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune. Call +91 8010-994-994 and talk to Credihealth Medical Experts for FREE to get medical health advice and consultation. We are delivering fast and responsive services. Credihealth helps you find medical assistance from experts and specialists.

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