Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Gel hair colour vs regular hair dye

Do you have gray hair tingling here and there over your scalp? Is it not very embarrassing when you are among the crowd? You must be feeling very irritating on this. How would you overcome this situation? There was a time when people used the regular hair dye. Rather, there was no option for them rather than using the hair dye. But today the beauty and hair care industry has made much more advanced products. If you are looking for the natural dark brown gel hair color, the same will be available at one of the well known online shopping site, Indus Valley. Let us find some difference between the gel hair colour and regular hair dye.

Indus Valley presents the best herbal hair colour in India to cover your stubborn grays and adds a vibrant texture to your hair. 

Difference between regular hair dye and gel hair colour

1.       Penetration

If you apply the regular hair dye over your hair it will go inside the surface of the hair. As a result, the chemical can damage your hair right from the roots. But, when you are applying the gel hair colour, it stays right over the surface of it. Rather, it will paint your hair from outside which will not cause major damage to hair. You can now get the gel hair colour at Indus Valley.

2.       Colour staying tenure

The hair dyes are stronger than the gel hair colour. Thus, it will stay for more time. You can say that is long lasting in nature. On the other hand the gel based natural hair colour are mild and may not stay for a long time.

3.       Content of bleach

The hair dyes normally include bleach. As a result, it marks a remarkable stain over your hair. For example. If you wish to make your dark black hair blonde, the hair dye that contains bleach can live up to your expectation. But, at the same time the content of bleach in it will damage your hair permanently. On the other hand the gel hair colour does not contain any bleach. As a result, the result on your hair will not be much remarkable. But, it is really gentle and soft on your hair with no damage at all. 

4.       Chemical content

The normal hair dyes are loaded with chemicals. This contains parabens, ammonia and sodium lauryl sulphate. These are very harmful for your hair and scalp. The hair of the mankind is made up of keratin. You must have heard about keratin therapy. Yes, this therapy is very essential to keep your hair strong and healthy. Thus, most of the present days gel colour hair colour includes the keratin which is really beneficial for the hair growth and wonderful texture of the hair. The natural dark brown gel color is one of the variations.

It is possible to get the natural hair colour from the online shopping site. The Indus Valley is one of the popular sites from which you can get the maximum products online. Thus, it is always good to stick on the gel based hair color than the chemical rich color dyes.

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