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Gerard Depardieu - biography

Gerard Depardieu was born on December 27, 1948 in Shatrow. Father - Rene Depardieu worked as a tinsmith. Mother - Alice Mari, the daughter of a military pilot. The actor has an older brother and sister - Alain and Elena, a younger sister - Katrin and younger brothers - Frank and Eric.

Childhood for Gerard was not easy. The father disappeared at work and in bars, and the mother was busy with the housekeeping and looking after the younger children. The future actor was left to himself. Due to a lack of communication, he developed speech problems from childhood.

Gerard Depardieu: “When I was little, they closed my mouth, they kicked me out of catechism lessons, from school. The director told me: "You will either become a gangster or a thief." And I made myself an actor ”.
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In the spring of 1962, the future artist received an incomplete secondary education. In the autumn of the same year, Depardieu began working as a typesetter in the printing house of the city of Chateauroux.

In 1965, at the invitation of a friend, Depardieu moved to Paris. He stayed at the apartment of a friend who was taking acting courses. Gerard had no goal in Paris; one day, out of boredom, he went with a friend to see courses and to the school in which he studied.

In the classroom, the teacher unexpectedly asked the young man to perform a number with a pantomime. The teacher and students appreciated the performance of the future famous actor. The first success inspired Gerard and he decided to seriously take up acting and enroll in the courses of Jean-Laurent Cochet, one of the most famous teachers of theatrical art in France.

Kosche immediately noticed Depardieu's acting talent and accepted him to school, without even requiring tuition fees. He also found a doctor for Gerard to correct the speech disorder that the young man had since childhood. Gerard began to improve himself as an actor: he corrected pronunciation and intonation, read French classics with enthusiasm, which he never met in childhood. In Jean-Laurent Cochet's class, he was the best and most diligent student.

On April 11, 1970, Gerard Depardieu married Elisabeth Guignot, with whom he studied together at the Cochet school. In the marriage, the couple had a son, Guillaume (1971-2008) and Julie (1973). Their marriage lasted 26 years and ended in divorce in 1996.

In 1965, Departier made his debut in Roger Lenard's short film The Beatnik and the Young Lady. The type of the actor, his characteristic appearance, temperament, came in handy. The directors immediately dubbed Depardieu the new Jean Gabin.

The real fame for the young actor was brought by the role of Jean-Claude in the infamous film "Waltzing" directed by Bertrand Blier, released in 1973. After this picture, Depardieu became a sought-after actor and continued his collaboration with director Bertrand Blier.

Gerard Depardieu: “Cinema is a big family. Relationships in her are always very close. This is one of the conditions of the profession, then it becomes easy to work. François Truffaut and Bertrand Blier were the most dear to me. "
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In the 1980s, Depardieu became one of the most popular foreign actors in the USSR, gaining fame thanks to three comedies, where he performed in a comic duet with Pierre Richard: The Unlucky (1981), The Daddies (1983) and The Runaways (1986 ).

To the classic comedy film dueta can be attributed and the work of Depardieu with Christian Clavier ("Between an Angel and a Devil" (1995), "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar" (1999), as well as with Jean Reno in the 2003 film, the title of which was also translated as “Unlucky.”

In October 2003, Gerard Depardieu posed for a portrait to the Russian artist Georgy Shishkin and attended the opening of his exhibition in Paris.

On January 1, 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed Decree No. 1 granting Russian citizenship to Gerard Depardieu. And already on January 5, 2013, Gerard Depardieu received a Russian passport.

During his career, the famous actor played more than 100 roles in popular films such as: "A Little Sun in Cold Water" (1971), "Annuity for Life" (1972), "Natalie Granger" (1972), "Year 01" (1972) ), "A Harsh Day for the Queen" (1973), "Gaspara" (1974), "Not So Bad" (1974), "Seven Prescription Deaths" (1975), "Baroque" (1976), "I Will You I love you ... I don't have you either ”(1976),“ My American Uncle ”(1980),“ Bogus ”(1996),“ Hamlet ”(1996),“ The Count of Monte Cristo ”(1998),“ The Man in the Iron Mask ” (1998), Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar (1999), 102 Dalmatians (2000), Boku no Pico (2000), Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002), Robbery French ”(2003),“ Professionals ”(2004),“ Turn Back Time ”(2004),“ Million Years BC ”(2004),“ Lucky Like a Drowned Man ”(2005),“ Paris, I Love You ”( 2006),"Asterix at the Olympic Games" (2008), "Kings Can Do Anything" (2008), "Division 13" (2009), "Another Dumas" (2010), "Desperate Housewife" (2010), "Rasputin" (2011), Asterix and Obelix in Britain (2012), Life of Pi (2012), The Man Who Laughs (2013), Mizerere (2013), Zaitsev + 1 (2014), Welcome to New York "(2014)," Dream League "(2014)," Sex, Coffee & Cigarettes "(2014)," Victor "(2014)," Agafya "(2015).

Gerard Depardieu: “In cinema, I am looking not for success, but for pleasure. I am lucky to have such a thirst for life, full of energy and health. Many actors are deprived of this, and then they only have talent for everything. Acting is the stupidest, simplest and at the same time the most beautiful profession in the world. "

A family

Wife - Elizabeth Guignot (married from 1970 to 1996)
Son - Guillaume (1971-2008), actor
Daughter - Julie (1973), actress
Illegitimate daughter - Roxanne (1992), from the Senegalese model and actress Karin Silla
Illegitimate son - Jean ( 2006), by Helene Bizot


Karin Silla, model and actress
Carole Bouquet, actress (novel from 1997 to 2005)
Clementine Igu, writer (dating since 2005)

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