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German health insurance: Private or Statutory Health Insurance?

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The subject of health insurance. For many people, probably for the majority of people in Germany a very annoying and boring topic. Understandable. Hardly anyone is really familiar with this subject. And as a non-expert you are usually totally lost, because there are countless insurance companies. The whole spectrum of different insurance providers could undoubtedly be described as a true insurance jungle. As mentioned. For amateurs, this jungle is hardly transparent. The choice of the right insurance cover is of immense importance. The many different services differ greatly from each other. In addition, one should know in an emergency which treatments are covered by the chosen insurance and which require a deductible. So what should be borne in mind, especially when it comes to insurance protection for your own children?

Who may and who must even take out insurance?

Not everyone is allowed to take out private insurance in Germany. This is perhaps not so widely known. Whether someone is entitled to insure himself privately depends on his own life situation.

For employees, this is as follows:

In 2019, an employee may take out private insurance for a gross salary of EUR 60,750 or more. In other words: An employee must earn at least EUR 60,750 per year in 2019. This fixed limit rises slightly each year and is referred to as the annual work pay limit.

The situation is different for freelancers, self-employed persons, civil servants and prospective civil servants. These occupational groups can also take out private insurance despite a lower income.

In addition, taking out private health insurance has certain advantages.

For example, civil servants are eligible for aid. This means that the employer pays a large proportion of the costs incurred. Employees can look forward to a subsidy from their employer of up to 50%.

Another advantage is the fact that many practices only treat private patients. This is because the treatment of privately insured patients is more lucrative for doctors.

The amount of insurance premiums for private health insurance depends on the service offered and the age of the insured person. The amount of the costs incurred can be determined with the help of private health insurance comparison calculators.

Private health insurance for children

Children can always take out private insurance. This should only be mentioned briefly at the beginning. And it doesn't matter whether one or both parents are statutorily insured. Private health insurance is always possible for children.

However, it should be noted that there is no free family insurance as is the case with statutory health insurance. This means that a child needs its own insurance cover, even if both parents are already privately insured.

However, the cost of the insurance premium is significantly lower than that of an adult. This is due to the fact that children incur significantly lower costs. In the majority of cases the costs are below the 150 EUR threshold.

The decision between private or statutory insurance

Most people can't really find their way around the jungle of insurance companies. If you are thinking about a private insurance for your child, you should get well informed in advance about the PKV children tariff ( PKV Kind ) The information and comparisons are very helpful for a

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