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Italian Leather Handbags


Remembered and admired with deep nostalgia by those people who travel from afar, Italy has exported its elegance all over the world with an amazingly distinguishable style factor. With a land full of culture and history, it has fascinated the tourists as well as the locals alike with its landscapes, art and of course for its expertise in the culinary delicacies. From beautiful Alps to the infinitely long coast, every part or Italy reveals a thousand-year history, which is an irresistible magic that has the power to captivate every person! In the world of style and fashion, Italy is synonymous to refinement and elegance providing styles, which involve and influence the world at the same time, thus becoming a reference point to many in this industry.The Italian leather handbags are made by designers of Rome and Florence, which mark the apex of leather handbags industry! Every Italian city is home to those perfectionists, who have provided a major contribution to the world of fashion.

When we talk about fashion, there is no doubt about the fact that Milan takes the crown of this industry.

The purse is every woman’s essence. What makes La Princi unique is their combination of different colors, designs and material; their handbags reflect their personality. It accompanies them faithfully in each moment of their day. Even the way you carry a purse says a lot about you and your style of living. What was once born to be a male accessory is now undoubtedly the most loved accessory by women of today’s world.

La Princi is always in a search of new designs because to them, it is very important to choose the right fashion bags for every occasion. It’s detailing and the distinguishable features can determine the value of a purse, which can be perfectly seen in La Princi’s handbag collection. La Princi offers the widest variety of handbags, which are made with traditional techniques and quality of the raw materials used.

La Princi originated from the passion for the fashion to unleash the fashion freaks within you and their country, Italy! They have seized the charm of the fashion of Italy and the mastery of the age-old manufacturing tradition. They offer Italian handbags for every type of occasion, may it be a cocktail party, or a casual outing or an office party or even a business or office meeting.


Among their proposals, there are elegant and refined models for the most important and needed events. Additionally, they have casual purses, yet with phenomenal unique designs for your daily moments. In their online shop, you can find from classy yet sassy styles to the best handbags, which fit the current season perfectly! Among the other models, you can find purses, shoulder bags, handbags, clutches and backpacks. With passage of time, a leather handbag can gain value and gain more beauty as compared to the clothes. A handbag is in fact undoubtedly the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones.


The handbag to a woman is much more than just simple accessory; it contains everything that she needs. It keeps their secrets, represent a part of them, it defines who they are, who they want them to portray as, and embellish them to the fullest.

Designer from throughout the world combine designs, colors and different types of materials proposing for updated models constantly because it is about fashion.

Generally the creation of any model has a much deeper origin that we think. It is not just the “taste of designers”. Often, it is the combination of many factors in every type of culture, which influences the designers about the needs of women, the culture, the availability of a material in that area, social structure and even about the climate throughout the history, which have influenced the phenomenal designs of these bags.

The evolution of a handbag brought pretty light to shoulder bags, clutch bags, shopping bags, and purses in variant colors and materials. A woman’s wardrobe contains an indefinite number of purses because it is extremely important to choose the right purse for the right occasion to match their amazingly sophisticated dress.


Fashion world designers and the experts of body language agree that the choice of a purse would go well beyond the matter of matching clothes items. In fact, the way women carry their handbags reveal utmost important characteristics about their personalities.

The most common ways, which women opt for to carry their bags are:


Those women who carry the shoulder bags tend to be very practical in nature and the type of free bird, which is oriented towards her goal. Such women are very concentrated in their functions than their appearances. How ever, there might be certain differences, which might be revealed in the way a shoulder bag is carried. For example, if you are carrying the handbag on the shoulder and the handbag is kept in the front part of the body, then it implies that you are being cautious, standing on the defensive side or maybe being shy, while carrying it behind the body means that the woman is being busy or is in a hurry and is highly concentrated in her thoughts.


You are basically limiting the use you your hand is you wear your bag this way, which implies that you are moving around the world with one hand only and feel confident about your position.


These women are adventurous and do not have any intent on calling attention to them. They want to be comfy in this world and discover it to the fullest.


Such women want themselves to be noticed by the world or draw attention to them. They are formal and often are career women who are proud of their jobs.

Visit their online store to checkout their purses online and gift your favorite person who you care the most about. You can freely buy any item without the hassle of any registration process. Their purchase process is fast, simple and payments are secured with the highest security.

According to La Princi, the bags for a woman are not just a tiny and simply object, but her bag is a friend, which reflects her identity and style with its perfect detailing. This accessory of hers is par excellence in her everyday life, which she carries with pride. Look them up at website and get the most eccentric Italian leather handbags at amazingly affordable rates.

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