Get Best Deals on Luxury Yachts and Super yachts


Always a prized possession for the rich and the famous around the world, superyacht buying or selling is not a child’s play. It has never been as easy as it sounds. It is a task that requires not just expertise in the industry, but a passion for boats/yachts and sailing can add to the expertise. Yacht purchase is a very personal and critical decision that must be done under professional guidance and reliable support. Just to decide that you are going to buy something as grand as a yacht, you will need not only money but also mental preparedness and self-belief that you can afford one without worries. 

Possessing a yacht is a matter of great pride for their owners. It has always been a product that heightens the owner's self-esteem. So, those who buy or plan to buy a yacht knows very well it is no less than buying a multi-million dollar villa in one of the world's most expensive spots. It is like being in the list of those rare few who can afford to pump hundreds of millions in a whisker of a second and still be cool, all to boost their social status. However, many enjoy sailing privately with family, friends or simply alone. Whatever be the case, whether it be a possession of a yacht or buying one, it is no way an easy deal. 

Let's take a quick look at how to get the best deals on luxury superyachts, be it in Dubai or elsewhere in the world? 

Find Your Yacht

The very first thing to do is find the superyacht that you plan to purchase. It will require a lot of time and effort. So, you will need to find the one that best suits your pocket. Do all searches possible online. You can also visit yacht shows/events near your city or follow them to find out what are the latest ones in your category within your budget that meet your personal or professional needs.  


Search for Brokers

The second thing that you will need to do is find a broker who understands your requirements properly. A broker is a person who can make the process of yacht buying or selling easier for you. You can hire a professional brokerage company too for the purpose, whichever you feel comfortable in. But whomever you hire, make sure the service provider is professional and has expertise in yacht buying and selling.  

Hire a Professional Broker

Hire a yacht brokerage firm or an independent broker who has got vast experience in the yacht industry. Be careful while searching for yacht for sale companies. To find out about their experience, their proficiency and their aptitude to close deals at best prices. An efficient brokerage company always has a vast network of people working with them that includes - manufacturers, suppliers, traders, industry professionals, consultants, buyers, sellers from the industry.

Tell Your Requirements

Once you have hired a broker, make sure you discuss everything in detail with him/her.  Unless you tell your requirements in detail, your brokers might not be able to help you properly. Do tell what exactly you want in your yacht and how much you are willing to invest. The features, the technicalities, the interiors and exteriors, the make and also the comfort and engine capacity, the size and everything else that serves your purpose, be it personal or professional. They might have questions for you to understand your needs better. Try answering them if related to the purchase.


Negotiate well before you sign the contract. Do keep an eye on each and every detail of the process. Dealing with yacht sellers or buyers requires a lot of patience. Once you have hired a broker, they will take care of the entire process including the negotiation part. However, you will have to keep a check if all your requirements are met and if the deal is as per your expectation. 

Grab Your Deal

Once you are convinced with everything, it is time to close the deal. Ensure your paperwork is done properly before, you sign them.