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How to Get Dead Skin off Your Face Effectively

When you want to impress someone on a first date definitely, you have to make sure that your face has the best appearance. And as a result, generally, you will choose a lot of luxury cosmetics and have a date with a thick makeup in your front.

However, makeup just makes you look perfect temporally. Inside your outer layer, you can see having something confidential. The key is removing your dead skin cells frequently. You will have a chance to look beautiful. And how? Curiously, how to get dead skin off your face and make your face perfectly?

Each people have about a million dead skin cells each day. When skin cells die, they don’t go away but still stay on your skin. Undoubtedly, the outer layer of the epidermis contains dead skin calling the stratum corneum. Dead skin and oil were plugged in hair follicles making acne appear.

Sebum is an oily substance was secreted by oil glands to lubricate the hair and skin. On the other hand, excessive dead skin cells and sebum can build up an ideal environment for bacteria growing. Therefore, dead skin cells keep a significant role how you like? Do you know how to get dead skin off your face?

You maybe don’t know how to make it correctly daily just by the tiny but select tip to rip your dead skin from your face which can prevent spots, dry skin and natural fair. Here are some tips which can help you deal with dead skin cells.

The physical exfoliation

The physical exfoliator is a safe way to deal with dead skin cells. However, you probably know how to get dead skin off your face with an exfoliating brush.

1. Using a towel with warm water

 Soak a towel in a heated water basin, and the put this cloth gently on your face for 1-2 minutes. During that time, you can relax and take a rest. This way will help open your pores and get ready for natural exfoliation.

Remember that don’t use hot water on your face. It will make your skin dry or scald by boiling water.

2. Wash the face with a gentle cleanser

 After removing this towel, next, you apply a mild detergent for your face. This cleaner may be the same with a daily product you use for the skin. This product will don’t make any reaction for your skin before and suitable with your face.

After washing, you dry your face with another dry towel. Don’t rub your face just do it gently to avoid irritating and damaging the skin.

3. Apply exfoliation tools

Using exfoliating brush or pads can help you remove dead skin cells on your face. Scrub gently and slowly not too hard with the skin because it can cause irritation and easy to get injured on the skin face.

4. Wash the face with water again

After exfoliation, wash your face and then dry front another time and use moisturizer to avoid any signs of aging or dry skin and become smooth.

Exfoliating Lotions

On the other hand, if you’re so busy at work, you can choose a suitable exfoliating product and use it twice a week. This method can help you clear out dead skin cells and admit moisturizing goods easy to penetrate on your face skin. Therefore, it helps your skin become smoother and avoid spots in the face.

Recently, there are some all-in-one skin cleansers and exfoliators containing glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid or malic acid. They are gentle enough for the skin, so you can use them every day to have bright and beautiful surface.

But you have to read the label carefully or need to consult with doctor or dermatologist if you don’t understand precisely about these products or you have any abnormal signs or symptoms in your face.

Apply some home remedies

Are you wondering how to get dead skin off your face by using some home remedies? Yes, you can also make a float out the dead skin by applying home remedies such as oatmeal, sugar and olive oil or green tea.


There are a lot of ways to make them become good exfoliation, but it depends on how your skin condition is. Good advice for you is asking consultant before applying these on your skin face. Don’t try to use when you don’t understand about these.

No matter what’s the way you utilize for your skin face as long as this method can remove dead skin out of your face and easy to apply as well. However, if you don’t make sure about how to get off dead skin off your face, you should contact with a dermatologist to exfoliate efficiently.

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