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How to get Google featured snippet?


Whenever you look for an answer to your search for information or an answer to your question from Google, you might have seen countless featured snippets from the search engine. The position given by the featured snippets to the content is referred as “position zero”. Since the featured snippets occupy the maximum space of the search result page and are often positioned at the top of the page, that is why they are usually referred to.

Google will answer any of your questions using a snippet that will contain information regarding the question you asked ahead of all the other links in the search results. Google can pull them both from the content of the page, as well as from lower ranking SERPs. As you do not need to click anything for viewing the information, these snippets make easier for you to find answers.

It definitely boosts the credibility of your company much quicker than any other way why dominating the SERPs and giving your page a lot of exposure. It is not necessary for your company to be number one in the market and even then you can occupy a place at position zero without paying any extra advertisement fees.


There are multiple types of featured snippets

Mostly three types of featured snippets are there. They are:

  1. Paragraph
  2. List
  3. Table

When Google answers do a search in the text it is considered as paragraph style featured snippets. It is often accompanied by images as well.

When it answers in list format, it is considered as list style featured snippets.

And most expectedly, table snippets answer the queries in form of tables.

If you want to rank well in Google featured snippets you are to follow some basic tips.’

Find out the features that it’s your competitors are ranking for

You can use SEMrush to find your competitors snippets. Although it is a great analytics resource, it can also be used as a tool to find featured snippets. you can find out the featured snippets that your competitors have earned by using this resource. It can also help you find out the featured snippet that you have already ranked for/.You only need to run a regular domain search and select “Organic Research/”You are to click them on the featured snippet which you will find on the bottom right side of the page/You can click on the advanced filters option and include featured snippets by filtering keywords

As you can come to know about the snippets your competitors are adding. It will be easier for you to optimize your content for the same words and topics from Google Local SEO. You are to understand quite well about the other keywords which you can rank as well/.

Google itself is a great resource for finding featured snippets

If you try to find out the queries of the people, the answers they are trying to find out for their questions, it will help you in a great way to find snippets that you can optimize your content for.

You are to place yourself in the position of a person who is a newcomer to marketing and unable to understand some frequently used terms. In the marketing world, many terms and acronyms are floating which are not so familiar to the common people and that is why they are really confusing to them. If you do a short search regarding a term, you will have a featured snippet in the form of a paragraph may contain a list or some Steps. You can also check out under the “People also ask” section. What you need is to click on the right side arrow and expand the phrase by looking at the snippets for each of your search queries. Now you can read the full snippet for each of your questions. This is how you can identify your competitors and the content ideas in such a simple and easy way.

Have some keyword research

Some good old keyword research is absolutely beneficial for you. And if you can optimize your keyword research, it might help you getting featured snippets as well. Since you don’t know if search query will enable you with featured results or not, that is why it is useful for you to take the advantage of one or more tools. The tool like Serpstat might help you in a great way to see the keywords that bring up featured snippets on the result page. For your high ranking for a particular keyword, you need to find out whether Google enables you featured snippets for those keywords. If you get that use it for ranking by answering the questions which people have regarding the topic. You are then to format your content and include the question-related tags. You should always give priority to answering more than 1 to each of the questions.

Always try to remain within optimal word count and use header

Always keep your content conscious and within the optimal word limit. It will help Google to feature your content easily. Avoid organizing your content as a whole and instead, section off all the steps, paragraphs and lists. It is always preferable to keep the content within 40 to 50 words. You should also use headers for breaking of your content sections. You need to use the” Paragraph Style” section on Google Docs or WordPress for doing it easily and properly.

Preferably add a “how-to” section to your page

For attracting Website traffic and getting new leads, featured snippets are always a good opportunity for you. It will be a good step for you if you redesign your site for SEO Services” how to” content if not recreating the entire section for giving answers to the relevant questions of the readers. If a “how to” section is not very appealing to you, you can also add a question-answer section instead of that. It will be able to answer the frequently asked questions regarding the product you are promoting. It should also be accompanied by high-quality images and videos for boosting your chances for ranking for featured snippets.

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