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Get Hired: Making a Terrific Impression During Your Sales Interview

Attending an interview for a sales position can conjure up anxiety, but you do not have to fear the interview process. Fortunately, there are many techniques that you can utilize to excel during the interview, and help you to make a lasting impression when it really counts. Consider these tips for making an excellent impression during your sales interview, and you can score a new job.

Research the Company Well

Candidates who perform deep research on a company have a notable advantage over their counterparts who do not. CNBC suggests that you should read recent new articles about the company and its competitors, explore reviews from current workers, and get familiar with the company's products and services to increase your confidence for the interview. Being able to use the company lingo, or quoting their latest sales statistics is a surprising move that will leave many hiring managers more interested in you over a pool of disengaged candidates.

Repeat Critical Information from Your Resume and CV

With so many applicants who may apply for an open sales position, it is wise to consider that the hiring manager may not remember all of the specific information you included in your resume or CV. However, repeating information from your job history or achievements that is irrelevant to the job wastes time and limits the useful information you can share during the allotted time period. For this reason, it is essential to repeat critical information related to the position that reflects you as a solid candidate for the sales job.

Ace the Interview Questions

Preparing to answer the most common interview questions is one way that you can get ready for the interview, but keep in mind that you may also be presented with some unique scenarios to evaluate. Inc. suggests that behavioral questions are often the most difficult, but can kill your chances for getting hired if you get them wrong. The set of employee exit interview questions are designed to understand why employees leave are just as insightful as behavioral interview questions are for hiring new employees. In fact, you may be asked during an interview how long you plan to stay with the company, and those who don't intend to stay long are often sent away. If you focus on preparation, and maintain a good attitude and honest perspective during the interview process, you are likely to do well.

Consider How you Present your Responses

During an interview, how you say it is just as important as what you say. The way you craft your responses can make all of the difference whether you are seen as a dazzling candidate or if you repel the interviewer. Offering a positive and humble version of every response is most helpful. If you have an innovative idea that might benefit the company, never criticize what is already being done by staff. Instead, make a creative suggestion to present your idea, and your bright response will leave a significant impression.


Your tone of voice is also a crucial factor when making an impression. If you the right answers, but your tone of voice sounds pessimistic, you may not get the job. In sales, the sound of your voice must be pleasant to captivate customers who are in person, and may consult you over the phone.

Pay Attention to your Body Language and Tone

Your body language can be a dead giveaway whether or not you can operate under pressure. Many sales positions require agents to be fully functional and convincing if they are going to sway customers and clients into making purchases. If you show bad body language during the course of an interview, the interviewer may wonder whether or not you will exhibit negative body language while pursuing sales in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Paying close attention to the verbal and nonverbal cues you give is good advice to make a better impression during the interview, and to become an excellent sales agent for any company that you desire to work for. You should avoid fidgeting, slouching, frowning, or pausing too long in your responses to win the interviewer over.


Dressing for success during an interview is often a given, but dressing to fit into the sales culture that you hope to be a part of as an employee is a better idea to leave a stronger impression. The ultimate goal is to convince the hiring manager that you are the right candidate for the sales job using everything in your arsenal. It is wise to apply for sales positions that you possess the proper experience and skills for to land a sales job with a reputable employer. With adequate preparation and practice, you can nail the interview and get hired.


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