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Get the best AC duct cleaning services in Dubai

AC cleaning

UAE has a very hot temperature that can go as high as 45° C and above. Due to such hot temperature, most of the time people stay indoors in the comfort of their AC. In UAE, air conditioners are used all the time and some are even used 24*7.

External air passes through ac ducts which then goes into the air conditioner where the water vapour, also known as humidity is then removed. Since the air is brought to the AC from outside, it can contain various fungi and bacteria that can get inside as well. These fungi and bacteria may then get stuck in the AC ducts, thus polluting the air. That is why regular cleaning of AC ducts is highly recommended to get rid of bacteria and fungi.

Our services

Our company MoltoCare aims to provide quality AC duct cleaning Dubai services. We are the one-step solution if you are looking for a complete AC cleaning service. We have some of the best-skilled technicians who can get the job done effectively. Every component of your AC is thoroughly checked and cleaned by us as we make sure that you are getting fresh and completely hygienic air.

We have the required equipment and experience needed to handle all the complex components and clean them properly. If you are looking for duct cleaning in Dubai, then we are undoubtedly the best solution for you. Once we are done with the cleaning, your AC will start working again at its full potential.

Is it necessary to get the AC cleaned?

Your AC may be running all the time without any maintenance or cleaning which can lead to reduced performance of the AC and impure air quality. That is why we recommend you to go through a complete AC cleaning and Disinfection.

To get rid of the bacteria completely, you can go for our AC duct cleaning and Disinfection services. We use top quality chemicals that can kill all the bacteria in the AC duct easily. We take all the necessary steps required so that your AC is completely cleaned with no trace of fungi or bacteria.

Why choose us?

There are a lot of AC duct cleaning service providers in Dubai, but many don’t meet the expectations of the customers as they lack the resources and experience required for the job. On the other hand, we have been providing our AC duct cleaning services for a very long time making us the perfect candidate for the job.

One thing that separates us from other service providers is that we don’t rush the process and instead, take some time to check all the components of the AC. After going through all the components, we then go for a deep AC cleaning and maintenance followed by our AC disinfection process. Our services are highly professional carried out by our skilled technicians who are completely covered while doing the service and health-checked before each service. Moltocare is undoubtedly one of the top names that come into mind for cleaning the AC ducts.

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