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Get the perfect baby photoshoot with easy and useful tips

Some moments in life that mean a lot more than anything else. The moments that are special and close to one’s heart. Being a parent and bringing a newborn baby into the family is one such a priceless moment. For any parent, parenthood is an exceptional emotion and every element of it is precious.

In the era of digital photography, Instagram and Pinterest, pictures have become an elementary component of our lives. Capturing the moments to cherish, relive and share. During the first few months, while the parents are preparing themselves to give their best to their new role, the sweet little baby is busy being unpredictable, cute and growing quickly.

Just like the baby showers and maternity photoshoots, newborn photography is trending these days. And is also an amazing way for the parents to capture these beautiful moments. Here some tips and ideas to make your photo sessions a happening experience for you along with some lovely pics of your baby.

  1. Be practical and careful with your choice of poses
    If you scroll through the web, you might find some fascinating poses of babies. However, you shouldn’t forget about the capabilities of image editing and graphics. So, before you decide on any poses for the pics, make sure that they are safe and comfortable for the baby. The babies are really delicate and must be held gently, let alone laying on an unstable surface.
  2. Pay attention to the lighting
    For any kind of photography, lighting plays an important role in setting the right tone. The perfect requires the correct lighting. Keep your photos bright and warm. It is a good and preferred theme for newborn baby photography. Always have natural lighting as your first preference. The pics look amazing and subtle in bright natural light. Pick a room with big windows or soft sunlight and in bright colors. Exposure to morning sunlight is much better for your baby than the harsh daylight. Also, pay attention to the shadows and angle of the lighting, such that the baby is the highlight of the scene and lightens up the head.
  3. Keep the baby happy and comfortable
    The babies can be highly unpredictable and even the slightest discomfort could make them fussy. Therefore, if you planning to have a great photo session, you need to keep the star of the shoot happy. This starts with choosing a warm and cozy place. Next, pick the right time for the shoot. If you are looking to capture sleeping baby poses, early morning or afternoons are the best time for this. The baby would be full and sleeping peacefully after the feeing. Or, for an active and chirpy baby shoot, do it after your baby has had a good long sleep.
  4. Simple and bright backgrounds
    You and your baby are the primary elements of the photoshoot. So, don’t let the cluttered backgrounds or fancy props steal the attention. Keep the backgrounds simple and elegant, such your baby is the center of all the attraction. Set up some toys, wrap the baby in soft baby wraps and place the baby in comfy poses for a snap. Having too many props or overdone setup would be too much effort and also your baby might not be ready for it.
  5. Schedule your sessions as per your baby
    Newborn babies require a lot of attention and care. And it can be a real challenge to handle them, especially for first-time parents. One moment, the baby would be sleeping peacefully, and laughing the next. And, as soon as you turn your back, it might start crying uncontrollably. So, be prepared for every situation, and take your time, as you might end up spending hours to get your chance to the perfect shot. Be flexible and schedule the sessions over a period of time. If you are hiring a professional photographer, plan your sessions as per your baby’s schedule. And also, for Newborn Photography on Gold Coast pay attention to the charges – pay per click, hourly hours or any custom package.
  6. Be a part of the picture yourself
    Nothing makes the newborn pics more special than being a part of those beautiful moments with your baby. Create some cherishing memories in those pictures and capture the emotions. Have some natural/candid pics of the parents with the baby. If you have older kids or siblings for the baby, snap the baby playing with them. Try and keep your distance and let the pics be as candid as possible. These random moments are the most special ones.
  7. Focus on the little details
    Everything about the baby so small and delicate. Many times, you might be even be concerned if you would hurt the baby if aren’t careful. But, you don’t have to worry about that, babies are quite tough even though they look delicate. Coming, back to our main point, don’t forget to capture the little details about your baby – those teeny tiny fingers, the curled toes, the smacking of their soft wrinkled lips, the nose and pretty much everything. Keep a macro lens by your side to capture all these little things and be awed about them.
  8. Too much planning can spoil the fun
    Surely, stepping into parenthood is a big step and there would be a lot going on – with the responsibilities, emotions and overwhelming tasks of caring for the baby. And you would need some planning for a photo session along with all this. But, don’t plan too much, as it can spoil the fun. Be flexible with your ideas and expectations as you might want a specific pose, but your infant doesn’t. So, just improvise and go with the flow, and stay alert with the camera. After all, candid baby pics are super awesome.

When you are working with babies, it is a completely different experience. One has to be patient and creative to get the most rewarding shots. Also, with them, you don’t need expensive photography gear, rather just the right skills and some ideas. Get yourself a professional photographer for the photoshoot and cherish these beautiful moments with the newest member of your family.

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan
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