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Get the vintage look with the new collection of Boylerpf

Vintage looks all in rage these days. Clothing or jewelry is a great way of paying tribute to the bygone era through the means of fashion. Wearing something vintage in modern times is trendy and fashionable. Ornaments like jewelry last for a lifetime. If you are interested in getting the best of vintage or Victorian Jewelry Boylerpf is just the right place. 


Vintage is a very broad term. As for jewelry, the vintage style covers a wide range from an authentic piece to a newly created one that is vintage-inspired.  A good eye for vintage and vintage-styled jewelry is always advisable, particularly if you are looking for an authentic piece. You must buy only from trusted and authenticated sources like Boylerpf. The inspiration of the range of jewelry available at Boylerpf is drawn from sources as diverse as Ballet Russes and machinist aesthetics. 


Why Boylerpf?


Since 1996, Boyplerpf has been offering the largest collection of jewelry from the Victorian to Art Nouveau and all that falls in between. The assortment of necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets will mesmerize with designs and charm. 

These collections of vintage jewelry are highly sorted by the fashionistas and people from high society. This jewelry is made from colorful gemstones and vibrant motifs displayed in unique craftsmanship and geometrical treasures. 


Some of the priceless collection that you will find at Boylerpf is:

  1. The Art Nouveau Diamond Enamel Pearl Crescent Moon Brooch: This fine Art Nouveau floral brooch is handcrafted in 14K gold and features diamond and pearl with tulip petals in enamel embraced in vibrant colors of green and orange-red. The brooch embarks the epitome of Art Nouveau design. 
  2. The French 18K Gold Diamond Sapphire Navette Ring: This stunning French Edwardian ring, rendered in 18K gold, comprises five natural sapphires surrounded by sparkling diamonds. Each of the diamonds accents the open-back rich blue sapphire stones. This ring is a representation of the supreme beauty of the past era. 
  3. The Diamond Blue Enamel 14K Gold Cross Pendant Necklace: This outstanding 14K gold cross pendant with fascinating and bright blue guilloche enamel and sparkling diamonds is such a meaningful piece of jewelry that was once used as a charm pendant. The four corners of the cross are engraved with diamond with the center boosting of bog and brilliant diamond. 
  4. The English Gold Amethyst Solitaire Ring: This Estate Vintage & Antique rings 2-carat purple amethyst, raised with a band-wrapped setting and a braid trim around is very fine and natural amethyst gleams out of an antique 9K yellow gold oval solitaire ring. A true example of the Victorian Jewelry made of lovely purple gemstone. 
  5. The Victorian Whitby Jet 14K Gold Earrings: This antique Victorian Jewelry, is unique Victorian torpedo earnings featuring hand-carved Whitby jet swaying from 14K gold hooks. Each of the black torpedo teardrop earrings is precisely hand-carved and is authentic jets and not glasses. 


Wearing something from the past by-gone era is wearing a story from ancient times. It is wearing a piece of history for the modern world. But to purchase the best and the most authentic, always trust someone like Boylerpf. 

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