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Get These 5 Mega Bags Products From Bye Bye Gluten


According to a recent survey, there are almost 7.8 billion people globally, 78 million of which are vegans. It is a huge figure. These people prefer Plant-based food to animal-derived eatables. Vegan food is good for animal welfare and the environment and healthy and beneficial for our body. First, it was challenging for anyone to find such stores that provide you with purely vegan food products, but now it has become easy to find one.

2.     Why Bye Bye Gluten?

Bye Bye Gluten is a UK-Based vegan sweets brand. It is considered the world’s first Gluten-free vegan sweet brand. It not only provides you with purely vegan sweets but also has a “Pick n Mix” service so that you can mix up your favorite flavors in a single bag. If you sign up for their newsletter, you can get a chance to get a free vegan sweet bag. Bye Bye Gluten provides you services to shop online and get your Gluten-free sweet bags at your doorstep.

3.     5 Products to buy from Bye Bye Gluten:

In this article, we will suggest your top five products to buy from Bye Bye Gluten. If we look at the top products from Bye Bye Gluten, we will see their Mega Bags containing vegan sweets. They provide you Mega Bags of different grams, which you can fill out with your favorite sweets. Following is the description of each of these products:

A.    Make a Mega 800g (Pick Your Own Mix):

The first enchanting product from Bye Bye Gluten is their Make a Mega Bad product. You can fill your bag with 800 grams of purely vegan sweets. The highlighting thing about this Mega Bag is that you can pick your flavor of sweets. It means that if you do not like any flavor, you can pick another one in place instead of compromising with it.

Price: It comes with a £13.99 price tag (All taxes included).

Variants: Apple Slices, Berries, Blackberry & Raspberry Gems, Blue Raspberry Bottles, Cola Bottles, Dolphins, Fizzy Dummies, Fizzy Peaches, Fizzy Twin Cherries, Friendship Rings, Fruit Pastels, Giant Bananas, Giant Fizzy Bubblegum Cola Bottles, Giant Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles, Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles, Glow Worms, Ice Creams, Jelly Filled Turtles, Midget Gems, Milk Bottles, Mini Bananas, Mini Eggs, Mini Mushrooms, Mini Teeth, Mushrooms, Peach Rings, Pigs Mugs, Poached Eggs, Red Lips, Shrimp, Snakes, Sour Snakes, Strawberries & Cream, Strawberry Milkshake Bottles, Strawberry Puffs, Strawberry Tarts, Strawberry Twist Kisses, Sugar Strawberries, Toothbrush & Teeth, Triple Hearts, Twin Cherries & Watermelon Slices.

B.    Mega Bag 800g/2kg:

The second most attractive product from Bye Bye Gluten is Mega Bag with comes with 800 to two kgs packing. In this Mega Bag, you get both fizzy and non-fizzy sweets in a regular proportion. This Mega Bag does not allow you to pick your own flavor, but we found no single flavor unappetizing.

Price: £9.99

Variants: Variants are the same as those explained above.

C.    Fizzy Mega Bag 800g/2kg:

In this Mega Bag, you only get fizzy sweets. I have seen many people who prefer fizzy Gluten-free sweets to non-fizzy. So here’s the product for those who like fizzy sweets more than the others. It also comes in the same two packings of 800 grams or two kgs.

Price: £9.99

D.    Fizz Free Mega Bag 800g/2kg:

Bye Bye Gluten always keeps in view the taste of their customers. As some people like non-fizzy sweets, so Bye Bye Gluten helps them with their Fizz Free Mega Bag. It consists of all non-fizzy sweets. Bag size can be either 800 grams or two kgs according to your appetite.

Price: £9.99

E.     Sad Sweets 800g:

If you sell sweets to a different proportion, in the end, some of the sweets are left unused. So instead of wasting those sweets, Bye Bye Gluten has packed them for you to eat so that those sweets do not get wasted. Besides, this Mega Bag is at a discounted rate. So you can get these sweets at a low price. Bye Bye Gluten claims that every penny from this bag goes to charity. So we think it’s a great initiative by Bye Bye Gluten.

Price: £6.99

4.     Conclusion:

If you are fond of Gluten-Free sweets, Bye Bye Gluten is the best place to buy sweets. Bye Bye Gluten has incredibly mouth-watering flavors. You can get all the flavors of your taste in a single bag. Gluten-Free sweets are much healthier than normal sweets. So we recommend you to prefer Gluten Free sweets to others. And when it comes to Gluten Free sweets, Bye Bye Gluten is the best place to buy these sweets.

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