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Get your business started in USA in the correct way

The company in the USA provides a balanced combination of taxation, secrecy, credibility with business partners as well as establishment fees and costs in the coming years. The most popular is especially LLC Company. To start a company, you will see the services of establishing a company in the USA.

Advantages of the company in the USA

Companies in the USA are mainly used for expansion into foreign markets. Their primary advantage is their greater credibility with foreign business partners. The most popular is the LLC Company, which is not subject to taxation, its establishment and maintenance are cheaper than an offshore company and also provides relatively confidentiality for its owner.

Income tax return filing in the USA is also a very effective link in more complex structures in connection with offshore companies.

Company taxation in the USA

• Federal income tax - progressive from 0-36%
• State income tax - progressive from 0-10%
• Sales Tax - similar to VAT for the supply of services from 0-10%

In the US, there are many types of companies (LLC or Corp. (C Corp, S Corp), LP) which have different legal and tax characteristics. In the United States, companies are divided according to whether they tax their income and expenses, whether they issue business shares or shares, and whether they have limited liability as follows:

The whole categorization of companies is complicated by the fact that LLC and Corp. can choose their tax status when they are set up or at the beginning of each year. This creates a large number of combinations of company types.

The best state to start a business in the USA

The states of New York and Florida are very popular for establishing and operating an LLC. Delaware is also popular. These benefits include low official fees and the speed with which documents can be created and processed.

When doing business or register a company in the USA, it is better to start a company directly in the state where you develop activities.

The anonymity of Partners and Executives LLC

In some U.S. states (e.g., Delaware, New York, Colorado), LLC partners and executives have a relatively high degree of anonymity, ie they are not registered with the U.S. Commercial Register. It should be emphasized that this only applies to LLCs and not in all states (eg Florida publishes details of LLC executives). If you are interested in establishing an LLC and transfer shares in your company or property ownership to it, please contact us regarding your questions via the contact form.

Annual duties, fees, and taxes

In addition to starting companies, we also provide other services that you will need.

For example, a federal tax return (or an LLC form on the distribution of profits and losses between partners) must be filed by March 15 for C-Corp and by April 15 for LLCs and individuals.

The amount of fees for the registered agent / registered office, ie the registered office and for the annual renewal fees to the Commercial Register is in the form.

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