Get Your Glow-up: Some Reasons to Get a Fake Tan


A glow-up, everyone seems to have one nowadays. Dressing up, getting new clothes, pampering yourself in acts of self-love is the hit trend of this generation and should be for a lifetime as it's always good to treat yourself here and there. Of course, you don't need to change every single thing in your life, but trying something new is always something to look forward to. You could start a workout, redecorate your wardrobe, or maybe even get a tan. Ah, but going to the beach for a tan would be irresponsible during a pandemic, so why not get a fake tan?

Why not try dark self tanning foam?

Getting a fake tan looks just like the real one with less of the work put on it. Instead of spending like an hour in the blazing sun feeling hot and sweaty, why not save time and still look good in the process?

The following are some reasons why you should try getting a fake tan:


New Year, New Me

A famous saying everyone likes to utter when the New Year comes around, "New Year, New Me." Everyone wants to start fresh when a new year arrives, and sure, it's probably the second month of the year, or the third, or the tenth, but that shouldn't stop you from achieving that "new you" you still hope for. It's never too late to start anything afresh, and maybe getting that fake tan would help you start with that change. 

Getting it could be a boost in your self-confidence if you lack some, giving you that radiant glow look that would make people jealous, or it could help you look better, even if you already look good on your own. And even if you don't want those things, you could do it because you want to do it, a simple change in pace in your daily life. Plus, they're safer and would help you achieve the 365-day beautiful glow you want, so regardless, it's a win-win situation.


Less Hassle and Easier Application

As briefly mentioned, getting a fake tan means that you get the results of a real tan, but with less work put into it, meaning the process would be less hassle and enable an easier application process. Tanning requires patience; being under the scorching sun for like one or two hours isn't exactly as fun as one thinks. It's time-consuming, plus you have to stay still to get an even coat job; one little shift in position could result in unwanted marks you didn't sign up for. 

People who get easily bored would find this unexciting and might not want to put in the same amount of time and effort in just staying still for that duration of time. Trying something like dark self tanning foam gives you a chance to get an even coating without having to worry about all of that. A fake tan allows you to save time, get more things done, and even be a fun new experience you can add to your life.



Getting a fake tan means it would have all the qualities of a real tan, except it's safer considering you aren't exposing yourself to an unhealthy amount of sunlight. It's also a fantastic way to save time, plus you're letting get the glow-up you deserve without the disadvantages of a real tan. Trying something like dark self tanning foam would surely bring spice into your life one way or another, and you'd be bathing in the sunshine, metaphorically, of how good you'd look throughout having it on.