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Getting A Medical Certificate Online – What Do You Need To Know?

Everyone understands just how much of an inconvenience it can be to go into their local medical clinic and wait around crowded waiting rooms, all just to get their medical certificate. But what if there was a better and much more convenient way?

When an employee is sick, they are required by their employer to obtain a medical certificate for their local doctor in order to access their sick leave entitlements. Rather than allocate a huge portion of their day just to go to the local GP (General Practitioner), many Australians get their medical certificate online through a telemedicine service provider. 

So, what exactly does your online medical certificate need to show and what is required from you? Here is everything you need to know according to the NES (National Employment Standards). 

How to get an online medical certificate

By using a telemedicine service, you will be able to an appointment for an online consultation with a doctor via a video conference from your computer, smartphone or tablet. After having a brief assessment and having been deemed unfit for work by the online doctor, they will write you a medical certificate. 

Your medical certificate can be sent to your personal email address or sent directly through to your employer. Depending on your situation, you can also print out your medical certificate and hand it to your employer once you are fit to return back to work. 

How much notice do you need to give?

You must inform your employer that you need to take sick as soon as you can. When informing your employer, you will need to include information such as the duration of time you will be taking off from work. Depending on the situation, this can include the name and address of the hospital you are staying in. 

When do you need to provide a medical certificate?

When you’re sick, your employer can ask you to provide a medical certificate as evidence as to why you took time off from work at any period. When you get your medical certificate online or in person, it must also include the number of days you were absent from work. If you don’t give your employer a medical certificate if requested, then you could not be entitled to any paid sick leave. 

What your sick leave certificate needs to provide

The NES doesn’t specify what type of evidence that needs to be provided in order to get a medical certificate. In fact, there is no requirement that is mentioned which states that your medical condition must be included on your medical certificate. 

However, the AMA (Australian Medical Association) guidelines do state that your sick leave certificate must provide the following:

  • The address of the medical clinic that issued the sick leave certificate.
  • The date of when your medical certificate was issued.
  • The name of the doctor who issued the medical certificate to you.
  • The period, including the date or dates, of time you will be away from work. 

There can be times, however, where you will be required to provide additional information or details regarding your medical condition if:

  • There are any workplace adjustments that need to be made due to a persistent incapacity.
  • Your employment or work needs certain requirements due to safety compliance.
  • There will be an extension of time that you will be away from your workplace or if on an ongoing basis.

Search online for a telemedicine provider and get your medical certificate online today. Having a video consultation with an online doctor is a cost-effective, time saving and more convenient option to getting your medical certificate. 


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