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Getting Over Ex Girlfriends: Useful Tips

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Despite the fact that breaking up a relationship is already a painful experience, the emotional aftertaste can really ruin your life for a long time. Learn how to forget your ex and find harmony in your life again.

So, let's start with the basics, without which all further actions will be absolutely useless. If you want to truly forget her, start with your social media. Unsubscribe from her on Instagram, remove her from friends on Facebook, block her on Telegram, stop following on Twitter, and finally forget about her other pages. Just unsubscribe from her, and that's it.

Ask for more responsibilities at work (what if you even get promoted), try to acquire new career goals, achieve what you have not achieved before. In short, put all your frustration and energy into your career. So you will think much less about her, and, maybe, completely forget.

Follow these tips for getting over ex girlfriends. If you want to forget your ex, struggle with your partner's past or want to overcome retroactive jealousy, simply take online courses, read workbooks or use retroactive jealousy coaching on the Retroactive Jealousy website.

Many people urge to idealize and romanticize their past, believing that it was the best relationship in their life. We have no doubt that you had great times together, but be honest with yourself and admit that things have not always gone smoothly. So try to make a list of the things that exasperated you about your ex. Moreover, don't forget to write down all cases of your altercations and disagreements there. Now you have a tool to help you come down to earth whenever you want to remember how perfect your relationship was.

If you know where she works, where she goes on weekends, who she communicates with and how she likes to spend time in the evenings, this does not mean that you need to use this information. Do not think that if you accidentally walk not far from her place of work, she will notice you and understand how wrong she was. Most likely, you will meet, exchange some kind of duty remarks, but she will still think that you are in despair and will want to see you even less.

Stop comparing yourself to her new boyfriend. This is the worst thing you can do if she has a boyfriend after you broke up.

Be open to meeting new people. Regardless of your age or social status, if you find time to chat with friends, chances are good that sooner or later you will make new acquaintances. Be sociable and friendly, and you may soon be making a lot of new connections.

In addition to giving you a better chance of escaping loneliness and being around other people, it will also amuse your self-esteem. This will help you remember that people love you, and that you can still meet and make friends.

Chat more with your friends. One of the hardest parts of a free life is feeling lonely again after having always had a partner to hang out with. Even if you and your ex have a lot of friends in common (depending on how long you have been together and how close you were), there is no reason why you can't see them without her. Invite them out for a walk and take the time to develop closer bonds with them.

Another surefire way is reading books. Because books are a real balm for the soul. Make a list of interesting books, and also don’t forget to ask your friends and thematic resources for recommendations. At some point, negative thoughts simply will not have room in your head.

Enjoy being alone! Truly feel free from relationships, allow yourself to do whatever you couldn't when you were dating a girl. Now you can go anywhere, chat with anyone, and come back home whenever you want. Do whatever you want!

Try to plan a marvelous trip to get rid of the repressive thoughts. Don’t blame yourself that you can’t get rid of the thoughts of your ex or for breaking these tips.

If at the moment it is not so easy for you to come to terms with the thought of breaking up, remember that time is the best way to heal broken hearts. Therefore, live your own life, reflect without fanaticism and at some point, you will realize that you can’t remember the last time you thought about your ex.


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