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Getting the Most Out of a Mitsubishi ASX Demo Sale Brisbane Dealerships Offer

The Mitsubishi ASX is one of the best compact SUVs that you can buy today. Packed with the latest technologies to keep you entertained, connected, and safe while on the road, this vehicle also has the design, style, cabin space, storage capacity, and performance to boot. It is no wonder why the ASX has been so popular with Aussies. In a way, it seems to have everything that you need to traverse the Australian terrain.  

But as an exceptional compact SUV, the ASX could be more expensive than other vehicles in its class. Fortunately, this should not be a reason to dissuade you from buying it. There is one way you can get it at a cost that is much lower than the original price tag—look for a Mitsubishi ASX demo sale Brisbane dealerships carry out.

Difference Between a Demo and a Used Car

As the name suggests, a used car is a vehicle that is already used by a person, who already bought it from a dealership, for a certain period of time. When you try to search for used cars, you will be presented with a wide array of options, from the older to the newer models. Of course, they are already registered with the state.

On the other hand, a demo car for sale Brisbane dealers offer is one that is only used by dealership personnel (most often members of the upper management), for certain reasons. Usually, it is done to gain product knowledge about the vehicles they are selling. Aside from this, demo cars are also used for test drives. More often than not, they are the newest versions of the nameplates they carry and are still not registered with the state.

So, unlike used cars, demo cars would have lower mileage when they are put up for sale. And, they are well maintained. So, if you want a vehicle that is still in top condition at a low price, then demo cars would be your best option.

Smart Tips on Buying a Demo Mitsubishi ASX for Sale

Unlike buying a new vehicle, opting for a Mitsubishi ASX demo sale Brisbane dealers carry out will give you more room to negotiate. However, it is still not as easy as it sounds. Here are some steps that you should take to get the best deal possible.

1. Buy at the right time.

Typically, demo cars are used by dealerships for an average of three months. And as they end their role, their price would also get lower.

2. Look for a unit that is already registered.

While most demo cars are still not registered, some dealerships sell them with official registration to move them out quickly from their inventory. Buying such cars will allow you to save money that you could have spent on registering the vehicle yourself.

3. Ensure that the warranty starts upon the date of purchase.

Ask your dealer to confirm that they’ll start your warranty from the date of purchase. This will let you enjoy the warranty period that the manufacturer has provided for the car.

4. Ask for the unit’s history report.


Yes, there should be a certain amount of trust between you and the dealer when buying a demo car, but it is still important to know how the vehicle was used. So, ask for its history report. Reputable car dealerships Brisbane has today should be able to provide you with the essential documentation.

5. Take the time to inspect the vehicle thoroughly.

Keep in mind that a lot of other people had already sat down in the demo car you are about to buy, flicking switches and trying all its other components. So, check it from the inside out. This ensures nothing is broken before you take it out from the dealer’s lot.

6. Do not hesitate to negotiate more.

You might be surprised at what haggling can do if you do it politely and in an educated manner. So, do your research about the average price of this Mitsubishi car when sold as a demo to have a sensible base for your offer. You will never know—the dealership would be willing to meet you halfway.

7. Ask for some free add-ons.

Negotiating for a lower price is not the only way to get the best bang for your buck. You can always ask the dealer to throw in some extras to sweeten the deal. For example, you can ask for accessories, like a navigation system, or treatments, like rust-proofing. Not only will these things make driving a lot more convenient but will also extend the life of your vehicle.

Key Takeaway

Say “goodbye!” to those days where you could only stare at the new vehicles at a dealership and wish you had the budget or the financial flexibility to buy them. Now, you can do it without breaking the bank. A demo ASX will offer you a nearly new car experience at a price that is more affordable to you.

However, when going to a Mitsubishi ASX demo sale Brisbane dealerships carry out, you should take certain measures to get the best deal possible. By considering the tips mentioned above, you can start on the right foot towards a favourable negotiation with the dealer.

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