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Gift Ideas to Surprise Loved Ones With This Easter

Easter is one of the holidays many of us look forward to year-round. What’s there not to like? It’s a time of the year when we get to be surrounded by family, and eat lots of good food and sweets while having a blast hunting for eggs.

Though since last year we’ve had a somewhat different way of celebrating our favourite holidays, what with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, it’s still possible to make the most of them. Here are some ideas to make your Easter extra special this year!

Treat Them to Great Edible Treats

Much like Christmas, the Easter celebrating tradition revolves around good food, though some delicacies like bunny- and egg-shaped chocolates steal all of the attention. Having this in mind, it’s a great idea to surprise your loved ones with chocolatey Easter egg home delivery.

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When you find the ideal seller that’s reliable and offers a range of tasty gifts, you can rest assured you’d get something for everyone, no matter their age and taste preferences. Besides hampers and buckets (that you can further decorate yourself) full of eggs perfect for a home egg hunt for the little ones, there are also options like bouquets made up of chocolate eggs you can order for the kids at heart.

In case you want to add something more, there’s the option to include extra treats, such as mouth-watering Ferrero Rocher chocolates, heart-shaped goodies, pretzels, various types of candies, and finish up with complimentary wraps and gift cards. Leave the card blank if you want to add make it special by adding a handwritten note. This is ideal if you want to personalize the gift with something you know the person is really fond of.

Get Them an Easter Basket

Since this Christian holiday overlaps with the age-old pagan celebration of harvest and spring and revolves around paying respects to a goddess called Eostre who was usually portrayed carrying a basket, it’s no surprise baskets have become typical for this festivity.

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Keeping it symbolic with the Easter egg home delivery, buying a basket is going to be your safe bet in helping out the recipients indulge in savoury foods. The great thing about baskets is you can fill them up with anything you see fit, despite the traditional chocolates. For this, you have to know the person well; no worries if you don’t, as you can always do a little snooping around the social networks to find out.

One idea is to complement this gift with a well-chosen drink. Besides the various types of wines, like Riesling that goes so well with food, beers, and gin, you’ve got the choice of non-alcoholic beverage too, such as coffees, teas, and juices as your go-to option if the person isn’t that keen on alcohol. If they’re into spicy food, perhaps you could get them some crackers they can dip in organic hot pepper jelly.

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Recipients who are known for their hectic daily schedules would certainly appreciate some pampering essentials as well in their Easter gifts. In this case you wouldn’t make a mistake if you include an outstanding product, like manuka honey perfect for a homemade facial, a refreshing facial mask for skin with a healthy glow, an essential oil they can add to their bath, or an organic soy candle.

If it’s a child you’re choosing for, instead of drinks and beauty care, you should turn to outstanding gift “ingredients” in the example of toys. There are all sorts of toys you can buy, so it’s recommended to keep it age-related if you want to avoid any tantrums and tears. Even though newborns won’t remember anything, thoughtful and beneficial baby gifts would be more than welcome to new parents. Toddlers would appreciate some fluffy stuffed animals, though teethers would come in handy too.

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Pre-school and school kids would love to get their hands on some Easter-themed puzzles, science and DIY kits, and as for teenagers a new phone case or headset would do. Still, if you want to customise your present, and show off how much you love them, why not give some DIYing a try.

This could be with the basket itself, as there are many ways you can create one from making it out of paper to decorating it with paint or adding some stickers. Besides the basket, you could also get crafty personalising the phone case or even create a homemade beauty cream for them using ingredients you have in your own kitchen.

Surprise Them with Your Food

Do you know what goes great with the dessert-like chocolatey Easter egg home delivery? More food. Who would be able to resist something you prepared especially for them, pouring all your loving into the prep of the ingredients and the cooking.

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The sound of honey-cured ham (or glazed with any other flavour) would surely make anyone’s mouth water, so why not get one for your special Sunday dinner. As a complement, you could prepare some cheesy garlic butter rolls, creamed spinach, asparagus, and sweet glazed carrots.

If you’re into keeping up with tradition, forget the ham and make a meal of roast lamb with roasted potatoes and bitter herbs instead. Lamb also makes a perfect lunch meal, in case you’re keen on keeping the ham too.

Hot cross buns are other key ingredients to the perfect Easter feast, so it wouldn’t hurt to find some recipes to make them. Since it’s this holiday, in particular, you can’t forget to add some eggs on the menu either, in which case we recommend simple curried eggs.


Are you going through a situation of quarantines and lockdowns? That’s no reason to feel lonely this Easter because you can get all of your loved ones to prepare the dish (or better yet, dishes) they are famous for, put it in small containers or Easter gift baskets for the go, and then swap them at the porch a day before.

On the day, set up the table, put out all of your beautiful Easter decorations and plates for each of the family members even if they aren’t physically there, and do a video call. This way everyone would be included, you’d get to taste everyone’s delicious meals, and no one would feel lonely!

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