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Gifts Ideas For Your Employees

It's important to reward your employees for their hard work and dedication. If you want to show your gratitude with more than a simple verbal praise, consider purchasing gifts. However, deciding what to buy can be a challenge. Do you get everything the same thing? How much should you spend? How can you make the gifts meaningful? If you need help deciding, here are some gift ideas that show your staff how much you value them.

Some of the most successful businesses of all time always offer appreciation gifts for employees. They know that this is something that endears the workforce to the management of the business organization. As a business, you do not have to do a lot on terms of the gifts. Just demonstrating that there is a willingness to give the same to the employees can go a long way in improving productivity, efficiency and boosting retention rates.

1. Wine Gift Card

Your employees work hard, so they deserve to enjoy themselves and unwind when they get home. By purchasing a gift card for wine, employees can choose which type they want. This will lessen the pressure on you because you don’t have to guess who likes red, white or blush. 

However, not everyone enjoys wine, or alcohol for that matter. For employees who prefer something else that helps them to relax after work, offer to purchase CBD flower. It not only relieves stress, but it also helps with pain relief and improves overall wellness.

2. Cooler and Heater Fan

If you have employees who are always hot or frequently cold, purchase a combination fan that heats and cools. This fan is generally small enough to fit on or under a desk, so it’s always going to be readily available for use. This is going to be helpful to have when the seasons are changing and the weather becomes unpredictable.

3. Desk Organization Set

It can be difficult for employees to keep their desks organized when they're dealing with different work-related issues. They may have paperwork, paperclips and staples scattered all over their desks from handling these situations promptly. It’s obvious that they’re having trouble finding anything in this chaos, and it’s likely causing them to become stressed out.  

This scenario calls for organization assistance. As the boss, your goal is to make your employees' lives easier. By giving your staff desk organizers, they’ll have designated places for pens, paperwork and mail, which will help them to be more productive during the workday and happier overall. 

4. Dinner

Offer to have an after-work dinner with your team to reward them for accomplishments or simply to show your appreciation. This time outside of work is an opportunity to get to know your employees better, as you probably don't get much of a chance to talk about their personal lives. Employees are going to be pleasantly surprised to receive such a thoughtful gift. 

5. Work Dessert

Surprise your staff with some sweets. Whether you bake them yourself or buy them, your employees are going to be equally ecstatic. Consider getting doughnuts, cupcakes or even ice cream. Some employees may prefer having candy to snack on, in which case you can have an assortment available in bowls around the office. It's always nice to take a break to enjoy a sweet treat!

6. Personalized Mugs

If you have a small staff, and you know them well, buying each employee a mug with a personal saying makes for a reflective gift. Pay attention to funny or significant things your employees say and write them down. Use these sayings to create the mugs. Consider turning this into a game by having your employees guess which cup belongs to which person.

Another option is to have motivational sayings on each mug. These statements will be reminders to the staff about the importance of teamwork and positive attitudes in the workplace.   

7. Digital Photo Frame

Because your employees spend at least eight hours of the day working, it is a thoughtful idea to get them digital picture frames so they can have family photos nearby. Seeing important pictures is a way to keep employees motivated on those tougher work days. This gift shows that you care about your employees and their families.

Employees don’t expect to get gifts from their managers, so anything you buy them is going to be greatly appreciated. Staff tend to work harder and enjoy their jobs when they know that their manager cares about them and their well-being. Purchasing gifts for your employees boosts morale and keeps the working environment friendly and upbeat. If you’re proud of your staff, take the time to openly praise them with meaningful gifts.

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