Gifts Your Dog Will Love


You don't need a special occasion to get your dog a gift. Simply giving him attention is enough of a gift in his eyes. However, if you decide you want to get him a present, his excitement is going to be magnified. Seeing his ecstatic reaction probably warms your heart. If you want to continue to see your pup's eyes light up, look into purchasing the following gift ideas.

New Leash

Does your dog get excited when you show him a leash? This is probably because he assumes you're going to take him for a walk. Even if you have a leash, it's a good idea to have an extra one in case you lose the original or it tears.

What leash should you choose? This depends on what you need it for and what your preferences are. If you walk your dog when it's dark, look into a reflective option, and if you enjoy exploring the woods and in muddy areas, find a material that is durable and can be easily washed. Does your pup chew on his leash? If so, a chain leash is better suited for him.

Standard leashes are only four to six feet in length, but you can choose longer ones as well. Some leashes even split off so you can walk more than one dog. As long as you have something similar to a leather dog collar to hook the leash onto, you're going to be prepared for the next walk.

Comfortable Pet Bed

Choose a bed encompasses all of the strange ways your dog sleeps. Even if your dog generally curls up to sleep, he is going to stretch out eventually. Get a bed big enough so his legs aren't hanging off of the edges. 

Try to find a padded, comfortable bed. Consider how soft your bed is; your dog is probably going to prefer something similar. It should be made out of washable material or at least have a cover that can be tossed into the washer. To get the most out of the pet bed, pay attention to the cleaning instructions. Most beds need to be washed at a lower temperature and some shouldn't go into the dryer.

Dog Treat Dispenser

A treat dispenser can be used for treats or food. If your dog eats too quickly or needs to burn off some energy, this is a great option for his regular meal. Not only does it keep your pup moving, but it also stimulates his mind. This is helpful if you need to keep him busy while you run some errands.

If you're using the dispenser for treats, be mindful about how much you're giving your dog. Choose healthy foods such as blueberries, carrots or apple slices. Consider adding low-fat dog treats or making your own. Try new snacks in moderation in case your dog has an adverse digestive reaction. 

A dispenser is helpful if you use it as a reward when your pup does something good, or as a calming device to keep him relaxed when you're away. If you decide to utilize it for training purposes, only give it to your dog when he deserves it. However, if you view it as a toy, let your pup play with it anytime.

New Toy

This is the most exciting thing you can give to your dog. Toys aren't only for fun; they have beneficial purposes as well. Playing with toys keeps your dog’s mind occupied so he doesn’t become bored or anxious. It also encourages him to chew on his toys rather than your furniture.

Buy toys that are made for dogs or ones that can be adjusted for safety purposes. Alter toys by removing small parts your dog could swallow. If you suspect something is unsafe, avoid that toy altogether. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Get your dog things you know he'll enjoy. Many of the items you can get for your pooch are valuable because they are successful in keeping him occupied while you're away. This just goes to show that the best gifts are beneficial to both of you.