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8 Easy Tips For Working on a Gig Economy Jobs Platform?

There are numerous gig economy job platforms. This is the concept of working as an independent contractor. It means a working environment where temporary positions are a familiar thing, and companies attract workers to a greater extent to fulfill one-time orders.

The rapid multiplication of gig-economy platforms has created a stir in the jobs industry. Gig economy app jobs are very popular in this arena but all depends on how seriously you take your job. Following are the tips you got to follow for making it big time here:

1. Give preference to regular customers

Advantages of regular customers - stable work and stable receipt of money. Mutual understanding also appears with regular customers and, as a rule, there are fewer contentious and problematic situations. You spend less time negotiating - and get more money.

Therefore, appreciate regular customers and do the work of consistently high quality for them.

2. But also look for new customers

Searching and working with new customers is necessary at least in order not to lose sales skills, not to stand still. If the circle of your customers is not updated and the number of customers does not grow, you are seriously at risk. If one of the old customers refuses to cooperate, this can be a serious problem for you.

3. Learn Sales

Not all good programmers, designers, translators, and other professionals can sell their services for the money they cost.

If sales are not your forte, then there are two options:

Learn to sell. There are techniques that help overcome the fear of sales. Use them if you are not comfortable presenting your services to customers.

Search for a remote job. In this case, you will work with an agency or company, but not at the office, but from home. You do not need to sell your services to customers - your employer will do this. For reliability, you can work remotely for 2-3 companies.

4. Lead a minimum of three clients from different areas

Working with one client means risking the same as in the office. The project will close - and there will be no work. Therefore, the more different customers (to reasonable limits), the better.

It is also necessary to try to take projects from different fields, industries. If you work with clients from only one industry, then you can experience difficulties in the event of a crisis in this area.

5. Learn English

Having learned English, you can search for information in the foreign segment of the network, where it is much more. You can also work with foreign customers and earn more money.

Check out our article on how to quickly learn English. She will help you learn English faster.

6. Make a personal website or blog

Having a personal website or blog enhances the image of a gig job worker in the eyes of potential customers. If you have a good personal website, your services may be perceived as better and may pay more for them.

You can promote the site services in search engines and thus gain new customers.

7. Develop

Your career cannot standstill. It will either develop or decline. In order to prevent a recession, it is necessary to constantly develop. Grow professionally and financially.

There are two career options for gig jobs workers:

Growth in depth. Suitable for gig economy jobs who do not want to do business, open a studio or agency. You increase the level of skill and complexity of tasks that are able to solve. As the level of professionalism grows, your rate per hour of work and income grows. Gradually, you become an expert, who turn to high-quality and expensive services.

Creating your own business. As the number of clients grows, you create an agency or studio where you act as a manager. You take more projects and thus earn more money.

8. Pay attention to safety.

I recommend following the tips:

  • Make regular backups of projects and working documentation.
  • Follow the rules of computer security when browsing the Internet.
  • Use licensed software.

I hope these tips will benefit you. I will be glad to receive your feedback, comments on the article, as well as any tips for the user's benefit.

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