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Giving Your Customers What They Want

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Businesses spend most of their time improving the customer experience. That should be the central focus of your business as well. It's important to engage with your customers in a positive manner, but not simplifying the customer service process will not win them over. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to dive deep into your channels to see what the problem is.

Knowing your customer demographics can also help you determine the best way to serve them. Here are some tips to giving customers what they want and winning them over.


Identify Channels that Need Work

The first thing you should do is to identify and determine which channels need work. When customers switch to another channel, it's because their service is being compromised. If your customers were reaching out via social media because their phone call was left unanswered, then it's time for channel optimization. You can improve the customer experience by staffing each of your channels effectively. Make sure that your customer service agents are able to manage the channels they work on. Find out if they're responding to real-time responses in a timely manner.


Provide Customers a Solution

It's up to your business to offer a solution before your customers even ask. This is one of the keys to providing an effortless customer experience. Get one step ahead of your customers and respond to problems before they arise. This includes keeping detailed tracking information for each of your orders, taking the appropriate measures as soon as a negative issue is communicated, and notifying customers if there are any changes taking place to your business hours or your channels that are scheduled to happen.


Don't Make Customers Repeat Information

Making your customers repeat information is a quick way to lose them. Use a CRM database to organize and maintain customer data and all forms of communication. This is important when your customers switch to another channel or when a customer service agent needs to transfer a customer to another agent. Keeping this information in a centralized location with real-time updates is imperative to improving customer time and effort.


Optimize Self-Service Options

Many businesses are realizing the importance of self-service options for improved customer experiences. This helps customers save time finding the answers to their most common questions. Include self-service options such as visual IVR menus that transfer customers to the most knowledgeable agent. Don't forget to include a FAQ on your website and click-to-call or click-to-chat options for a fully optimized site. Chatbots have increased in popularity since they provide a conversational outlet with your customers by using tailored and personalized assistance.


Train Your Customer Agents

Never underestimate the importance of customer service. Your customer service agents are crucial to your business. Encourage your agents to humanize and improve the customer experience by training them how to communicate with your customers. Your customer service agents should be trained to handle difficult situations, and they should learn about the products and services that your business offers so they can share this information with your customers. The more that your agents are trained, the better they can communicate relevant information to your customers that will improve their experience.


Connect With Your Customers

Your customers use different channels for different reasons. Your customers have different preferences. Some customers are comfortable with using social media while others prefer to talk on the phone. Respecting those preferences is important to customer engagement and loyalty.

Half of the customers had to switch to another channel to get the answers they needed, according to an Aspect Software customer survey. Customers should only have to switch channels when their situation demands it. Marketing offers and surveys are essential to providing them the effortless experiences they deserve.

Customer engagement and loyalty are dependent on providing positive experiences that remove obstacles and delivering positive experiences every time. To deliver a great customer experience, you should incorporate each of these methods.

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