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Global Shipping Companies Sees Overwhelming Growth in Business During Pandemic

During the global pandemic, we witnessed a sudden spike in online ordering business worldwide. These companies received orders in bulk and were in need of getting their orders delivered as quickly as possible. And of course, the best suited for this job is shipping companies. Shipping companies have been ever since too busy delivering goods and commodities around the world.

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Initially, shipping companies faced a drastic reduction in their demands, however, this sudden surge in demand overwhelmed the whole shipping industry. One of the most convenient means of transportation is refrigerated container shipping. These containers are large temperature-controlled transporting tools that are used in shipping perishable goods across the world with utmost protection and advanced technology. 

They are primarily used in shipping fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, and several other goods that might spoil or perish if not maintained at the right temperature and humidity. 

Refrigerated container shipping companies are one the finest and durable means of goods transportation services in the market. They are ideal for road, sea, and air transportation as these containers are available in many dimensions and sizes. These containers help in controlling the perishable commodities from getting wasted and can extend the shelf life of temperature-sensitive goods. 

You also need to understand that some businesses might have goods that might not get stored in shipping containers. In other words, if you are such a business, you might have to opt for breakbulk services. The goods are stored in an innovative fashion and transported as the responsibility of the shipping company. Certain goods that might be bulky in nature like huge drainage pipes or extra-large commercial vehicles need different solutions that are known as breakbulk services. 

Refrigerated containers operate by distributing chilled air from the floor through T-shaped deckings, known as bottom air delivery units. Further, T-shaped decking is usually responsible for producing a steady flow of air in these containers. They can produce a sufficient amount of airflow in the containers that are powerful enough to maintain the required temperature for the duration of the transit, even under harsh weather conditions. However, these refrigerated shipping containers can cost six times more than other conventional containers due to their additional insulation and powerful power plants. 

Types of shipping containers

If you are looking for refrigerated containers that can fit well with all your requirements, then you must consider the following types of containers mentioned below 

  • Close containers- These containers are a single-piece container, that has an integral front wall, and all-electric automatic cooling and heating units to offer a conventional transportation experience. 
  • Modified Atmosphere/Controlled Atmosphere Containers-These containers are insulated with an air exchange system that allows the atmosphere to remain constant by replacing consumed oxygen. Due to which the atmosphere in these containers is in equilibrium with the deteriorating rate of the cargo. 
  •  Automatic Fresh air Management- In order to maintain a constant temperature, these containers use cutting-edge technology that automatically adjusts air exchange within the container for longer periods.  These containers consist of a combination of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases to extend the shelf life of cargo. 


Global pandemic has created great economic shifts for shipping companies and has also improved transportation techniques and other logistics for better transit experience for many. Thus we hope next time you ship your cargo, you know which transportation means will suit your requirements the best. 

If we check the statistics, the shipping industry is enjoying the biggest payday since 2008. The combination of  greater demand for retails goods and global supply chain which is getting deteriorated under the pressure of Covid influences the fright prices ever higher

This price war is caused due to an economic reopening after the major surge of covid in the initial stage. The demand for goods and raw materials started massive oceanic  transportation. But the virus is still there, causing disruption and affecting Global supply chains. The sudden movement of cargo ships and uplifting demand is choking up the ports and delays. Governments and global shipping governing bodies have no option left other than receiving whatever stocks are present to fill the demand with highly paid supplies, This approach making the shipping sector with bumper earnings.

Container shipping is the star in this new race. The new cost is $14,287 to haul a 40-foot steel box from China to Europe. This is more than an overwhelming 500% on a year earlier and the rates are still climbing up for everything from toys to coffee. A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, the world’s largest container line, has gained a profit of $5 billion last month for this year. You can imagine how profitable the industry has become by assuming that, the CMA CGM SA -- the world’s third largest carrier canceled its spot rates to have long-term client relationships. The industry is getting all the things done on their terms.

While the higher demand for retail markets and goods are lifting container markets, the recovery of the global economy is also demanding more raw materials now. It is boosting the revenues for the bulk ships which carry industrial commodities. If you check the statistics, the earnings in the sector have risen to a mark, which they never earned from the last 11 year. And it can be expected that the price will not go down as the consumption is expected to remain firm for the next one year.

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