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Global Talent Visa vs Sole Representative Visa

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The Global Talent Visa is a type of visa which welcomes brilliant talents to engage and participate in the UK’s growing economy. Each applicant is required to confirm to the endorsing body a successful career history as an innovator in their respective fields:

  • as a recognised leader (exceptional talent)

  • as a self-employed leader (exceptional promise)


In addition to your application, you will need to pay the healthcare surcharge. The entry route is also made more attractive due to the fact that it has simplified the routing process as compared to the Tier 2 Exceptional Talent Visa. UKVI will commonly need 4 weeks to 8 weeks to examine and grant your UK's Global Talent Visa. This process can be broadly categorised into two stages: 


In the first step of the Global Talent Visa process, it includes endorsement, which takes between 2 weeks to 4 weeks. This stage is all about the 'Endorsement Application'.


During the second step, if your endorsement application has been approved then you may apply for a visa on GOV.UK. The Home Office will contemplate Immigration aspects and things for refusal in this stage and make their final decision, whether to provide you with a visa.


If you want entry through Global Talent visa, you have to get approval from one of six endorsing bodies assigned by the Home Office. You must have to get authorization from the Royal Society of the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the Royal Academy of Engineering, the British Academy for support in the fields of medicine, engineering, social sciences, humanities, science and other academic and research roles. 


Those who are applying under Global Talent Visa type with their dependents(or family members) will have to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (NHS Surcharge) in addition to the appropriate visa application fees when submitting their visa application(s). 

What is a Sole Representative Visa?


Sole Representative Visa is a type of visa section which allows a business overseas to send a senior employee to the UK with the wish of setting up a UK branch of an already working company, or a wholly-owned subsidiary of that business.


To be eligible for this visa, the applicant must be employed from outside the UK by the company who is aiming at setting up a branch or subsidiary in the UK.  The applicant has to be skilled and experienced in their field and be a senior employee of the company who has real authority to make decisions on behalf of the company. 


To live in the UK, the applicant must be able to write, read and speak English to level A1 of CEFR as a basic requirement, they can also give an IELTS Life Skills exam. If the applicant is applying from particular nations, then they might need to have a tuberculosis test received no longer than 6 months. The applicant will have to give evidence that they can financially maintain themselves and any dependents in the UK, normally through salary slips and bank statements.


Sole Representatives can be shareholders in the firm that is hoping to set up a branch or subsidiary in the UK. However, they can not hold the majority of shareholders. The Home Office will refuse the application if the applicant has more than 50% of the shares in the parents firm. If the applicant has freshly sold the majority of shares, then they will also have to provide a reason behind it.


It takes 4 to 8 weeks to collect all the documents, open a company and assemble the application. The processing period will be quick though, it will take around 3 weeks to get a decision on your application. Sole Representative visa is initially provided for 3 years and can be extended for another 2 years.


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