Go Global with A Global BBA from India


Have you ever dreamt of studying abroad? While there might be several advantages when considering a university in your own country, have you thought of the perks of getting a UG degree ABROAD? With a demographically diverse student profile, students studying abroad get the benefits of extensive cultural exposure. The benefits of international education are beyond just cultural exposure. However, you can also pursue a Global BBA course in India with a part of the course from abroad. Here is an exhaustive breakdown of why or why not to consider a UG degree from abroad.

Advantages of a UG Degree Abroad

You might have heard of several benefits of studying abroad. However, a degree from a college in your country might have benefits too. How do you figure out the best for yourself? How would you decide if studying abroad is the right decision or not? Some advantages of a UG degree abroad are as follows.

1. Studying Abroad Makes You Stronger

Getting a bachelor degree abroad means coming out of the comfort zone you had at your home. You will be learning things you might have taken for granted at home, such as setting up your bank account, paying your bills, or grocery shopping.

2. You Learn Skills to Stand Out From Crowd

You get to immerse yourself in a foreign environment beyond your comfort zone. You have to adapt to a foreign culture and meet people from different cultural backgrounds. Cross-cultural communication is an essential skill if you aspire to work in an international job market.

3. Exposing Yourself to New Culture and Learning

You are exposed to a new educational system that has been followed in your home country. For example, both American and British universities have different course curriculum for the same course. American colleges provide freedom to pick electives which is not a tradition in the British education system.


4. You can Learn Foreign Language

Studying at a foreign university means you can learn a foreign language to aid communication and the learning process. For instance, studying in Paris will require you to learn French. Similarly, looking at a  college in Germany can expose you to German Deutsch.

5. Broaden Your Horizons

Studying overseas provides you with intangible benefits, including developing a cross-cultural understanding. Earning a degree in a foreign university shall expose you to new interests, hobbies and people you would never have met otherwise.

Why Ditch A Degree Abroad and Stay in Your Home Country?

Studying in your home country can also have several advantages. The primary benefit includes not having to stay away from home or learning another language. In your home country, you can learn quickly in your mother tongue. You can go through a ‘cultural shock’ if studying in a foreign country.

Learning a foreign language and studying in another country wouldn’t be the right decision for everyone. Some of you might face homesickness. As a result, social ties may suffer if you plan to study abroad. Additionally, the cost of studying can exceed exponentially. Besides the tuition fee, you will have to bear the living cost if studying in a foreign country. Moreover, you will have to spend a hefty amount to visit your loved ones.

Summing Up

As discussed above, studying abroad can be exponentially beneficial and challenging at the same time. A blend of a foreign country’s advantages without facing issues to settle in another country will be a good bet. Several universities in India offer a BBA admission with a part of the course taught abroad. You shall get the advantage of studying abroad for some time and staying in the home country for the course duration.

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