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Going Green: 5 Important Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Business

Environmentalism has become a global movement in recent years, one that’s not just reserved for the environmental and residential sectors. In the past couple of decades, the eco-friendly movement has become a vital part and a true driving force of the global business sector, prompted by government initiatives and supported by a public outcry for companies to reduce their carbon footprint, implement sustainable practices, and green up their operations across the board. 

While you might feel reluctant at first to start researching and implementing green practices in your business, it’s important to note that going green is a wise business move that can save you money and propel your brand forward as a whole in the global market. Not only do eco-friendliness and sustainability build a positive brand image that the modern consumers love, but sustainable practices help minimize your operational expenses and help you allocate financial resources towards other critical tasks.

Let’s put all of that into perspective and take a look at the best practices you can introduce into your operation to build an eco-friendly business. 

It all starts with a green audit

First things first, you need to do your own internal research to figure out how your business is faring against its competitors when it comes to sustainable and green practices. This will help you put things into perspective when it comes to your annual energy and water consumption, and all the financial leaks caused by the excessive use of these resources. You also need the audit to show how much waste your company is producing and how you’re managing it, as well as how much CO2 you’re releasing into the atmosphere with all of your processes combined.

The best way to do this efficiently and effectively would be to bring in an outside consultant or hire an expert team. These people will have extensive experience in environmental audits, but will also ensure legal compliance and explore all areas where your business can become more environmentally friendly. Most importantly, these experts will help you make the transition in a financially sensible way.

Start minimizing energy consumption

No matter what the results of your audit may be, and no matter what the auditors may suggest going forward, you can always start implementing some tried-and-tested solutions right away to minimize energy consumption in your company. This is something that green office buildings are already built for, as they have inherent design features that maximize energy conservation through active solutions and passive insulation, as well as green roofs and more.

While you don’t need to completely remodel and renovate your office space to match these designs, you can upgrade to energy-efficient appliances and electronics around the office, and introduce passive conservation like insulated windows. Make sure to set up light sensors in all the rooms and consider upgrading to energy-efficient LED light bulbs. 

Implement better waste management

No matter the industry or the niche you operate in, you need to manage your waste properly in order to ensure complete compliance with environmental laws and regulations. But beyond that, it’s important to implement the right waste management solutions for your business that will minimize financial expenditure, free up space in your facility, and maximize your company’s recycling potential.

It’s important to invest in a waste management system that’s geared towards your processes and specific requirements, because this is an investment that will serve your business for years and decades to come. When you implement it, though, you can expect to see reduced financial waste, lower CO2 emissions, and higher operational efficiency on-site.

Implement a recycling policy

The right internal policies allow a company to maximize its potential and stay on the right course, and the same goes for your recycling policy. You should, however, take things a step further and create a policy that encompasses recycling, reusing, and repurposing practices in order to minimize waste and CO2 production in your organization. 

Creating this policy is one of the best green initiatives that can save your business money over the long term, not to mention that the policy may provide you with additional government incentives to further your environmental efforts. Furthermore, keep in mind that this policy will go a long way in building an image of an eco-friendly brand, prompting the modern consumers to become your loyal customers and advocates.

Adhere to eco-friendly cleaning practices

Last but not least, every eco-conscious company needs to switch to green cleaning practices in order to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals that harm the natural world and could potentially jeopardize the health of its workers. Make sure that the cleaning company you’re working with adheres to sustainable practices and uses only natural or non-toxic cleaners. Moreover, your company should use its own waste disposal solutions to ensure none of the cleaning agents or any toxic residue seeps into the environment or the local waters.

Over to you

Going green is one of the best ways to future-proof your business. This transition will save you money over the long term, but it will also cultivate a positive brand image and help you take your business to new heights of success.

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