Gojek Clone App: Developing One App for Many Services and Businesses


As we evolve in the world and rely on technology for all our daily activities, the need for having a single app that can take care of just about any kind of requirement has come up. The Gojek Clone App has provided for an excellent solution for this requirement. A single app provides access to all the users towards getting all kinds of service providers. This is why; it has turned out to be such a lucrative option for the entrepreneurs all across the world. But, before we get into the development of the Gojek app clone development, let us try to understand what the scope of the Gojek Clone app is, the kind of services that are included in the app and the easiest way to secure the best on demand Gojek Clone app.

What is the Gojek App?

The Gojek Application is one of the most popular applications in Indonesia. It started off as an on demand bike taxi booking solution but quickly evolved into a much more complex app that allows users to hire taxis and get deliveries done. There are of course other aspects to the app but its main focus has always been enabling users to find bike taxis easily.

It gained popularity in the industry because it became a perfect medium to assist users in finding bike taxis without having to look for it physically. It reduced the risk of losing out on a perfectly good taxi waiting around the corner because the users could not see it.

Another big advantage that it offered to the users lied in the fact that neither the users nor the service providers (bike taxi drivers) an easy way to make sure that there is no negotiation and hassling for the purpose of setting a price.

Since the app makes it very clear on what to expect regarding the pricing even before the bike is booked the app facilitates the bike owner (taxi owner) and the user to decide whether they want to accept the job or book the particular ride respectively.


What is the Gojek Clone App?

The Gojek Clone app is essentially a new app built on the premise of the existing Gojek App. It picks up the threads of the app and follows through by adding new and enhanced features in the app. This means that the development team studies the Gojek Clone app and then picks up all the favorable traits.

These traits are then assimilated with advanced features and a prototype is created which allows the development team to understand what kind of a shape the final new app will take. The Gojek Clone app consists of:

a.      Android app for the User

b.      Android App for the Service Provider (including drivers, delivery drivers, the plumbers, electricians etc.)

c.       Android App for the Stores (Including restaurant, grocery stores, pharmacy store, alcohol store, medical marijuana store, bottled water store, bakery shop, etc.)

d.      iOS app for the User

e.      iOS App for the Service Provider (including drivers, delivery drivers, the plumbers, electricians etc.)

f.        iOS App for the Stores (Including restaurant, grocery stores, pharmacy store, alcohol store, medical marijuana store, bottled water store, bakery shop, etc.)

g.      Admin Panel that allows the app owner to manage the entire app

h.      Website that represents the brand and provides more information on it, while also ensuring that it can enable the users to book services directly online without having to download the app.

Building so many components of the app is a big deal. It is not as easy as a copy paste situation. There is a lot of hard work and research involved in it. This is what allows users to create a new app which is stronger and built to make it more impactful on the market.

What are the kinds of services included in the Gojek Clone app?

Gojek Clone app has 4 primary kinds of services included within it. They are:

A.     On Demand Taxi Booking Service

This section of the app empowers the users to book or hire taxis. This section functions almost exactly like the Uber app. It is easy and navigable seamlessly. The user must open the app and click on the taxi booking section to enter this part and enable the users to hire cabs that they want based on their budget and the number of passengers.

B.      On Demand Parcel Delivery

This section will enable the user to send across parcels from one point to another. This app is very easy to use and intuitive. The user can choose to send a parcel from one place to another or from one place to multiple locations. The other thing about this part of the app is that you are free to send any kind of item regardless of whether it is an envelope or a hundred bags of cement.

C.      On Demand Store based delivery

This service includes everything that can be purchased from a store and delivered to your doorstep. For example, online food ordering from a restaurant, or groceries from a grocery store, bottled water etc. and so on and so forth.

D.     On Demand Service Provider

This is the part that will allow your users to hire service providers like on demand electrician, on demand plumber, on demand electrician, on demand doctor, on demand tutor, on demand dog walker and so on and so forth.

In order to purchase Gojek Clone app, you must approach a white label on demand mobile app Development Company that can give you a readymade app so that you can launch your business in less than 4 to 5 business days.

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