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6 Reasons Why Golf Is Still Relevant in Today's Business World

If you've ever picked up a set of golf clubs and played 18 holes, you know just how quickly you can get hooked on the quest for birdies and the ever-elusive eagle. While some people may think using golf as a business tool has taken a back seat to modern-day technology, the fact is golf is still very relevant in today's business world. In fact, it is estimated over 90% of all Fortune 500 CEO's play golf, as do many of today's most popular movie stars, pro athletes, and politicians. In addition, surveys have found that business executives who play golf earn over 17% more than those who don't. If you've had any doubts as to golf's role in forging deals and establishing important corporate relationships, here are six reasons to think otherwise.

One-on-One Quality Time

If you want to get plenty of face-time with an important client or another executive, a golf course is a perfect spot for one-on-one quality time. After all, chances are you will be spending over four hours playing country club golf in Piqua and discussing not only the next shot but also your mutual interests and other hot topics.

Get to Know the Real Person

When playing a round of golf with someone, it's a great chance to find out who they really are as a person. By watching how they handle themselves on the course, you'll get an idea of how they handle other situations. For example, if they are calm on the course and follow the rules, chances are you can have a great business relationship with one another. However, if they explode after every bad shot and fudge a bit on their score, that may give you a reason to pause.

Great Networking Tool

By playing golf, you'll be able to easily build up a vast network of business contacts. Once you show up at the course, chances are you'll be able to get up a foursome and hit the course in no time. Before you know it, important deals will be made and finalized.

Quiet Surroundings

If you long for peace and quiet while discussing important business matters, there is no better place than a beautiful golf course. With its incredible scenery and peaceful atmosphere, you and your golfing partners can't help but relax. By getting away from the hustle and bustle of the office, everyone can clear their heads and make important decisions without being distracted.

A Game for Life

For many business executives, one of the best things about golf is that it can be played for decades. Since it suits people of all ages and abilities, a great game can be had on the course thanks to the handicap system. Thus, even if you're getting on up there in years, you'll still have the chance to beat that younger up-and-coming star within the company.

There's Always a Course Nearby

If you happen to be a businessperson who travels frequently, having your golf clubs with you will undoubtedly open many opportunities to meet new people while on the road. No matter where your travels may take you, chances are there will be a golf course nearby. Once you meet up with your clients or other business contacts, you should have no trouble whatsoever getting up a game where you can have fun while still getting your work done.

Once you've walked off the 18th green, there is little doubt you will realize just how important that round of golf was in finalizing a big deal. And best of all, the 19th hole still awaits you and your friends.

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