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Good News For Australian Prospective Marriage Visa Holders

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To find the right person to spend your entire life with is no less than a blessing in life. And if you are lucky enough to find that person you must not let him or her go even if he or she is living in another part of the world. Australia is a country that takes care of its people. This is why the Australian immigration system has offered many visa subclasses especially in the family visa Australia category through which the family member of Australian permanent residents can join them in Australia.

One very important visa subclass in this category is prospective marriage visa subclass 300. In this article, we will particularly talk about this visa and a very important update about this visa. Coronavirus, like every other Australian visa, has also affected subclass 300.

There have been many temporary visas that did not get processed due to the travel and border restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The travel ban that has been imposed from the previous year has restricted thousands of temporary visa holders from entering Australian borders. And many temporary visa applications also got to a halt due to the travel restriction caused by the pandemic. 

 A similar situation happened with the applicants of subclass 300 that is a temporary visa subclass. But a new announcement has been made about this visa which came as a relief to the applicant of this visa subclass. Let’s have a look at these updates


Updates about prospective marriage visa subclass 300

Every Australian visa subclass has borne some impact due to the pandemic situation. Subclass 300 also got severely disturbed due to this situation but here are some updates that will make the situation for subclass 300 visa holder a little better.

·  Those prospective marriage visa holders who held subclass 300 at any time from 6th Oct 2020 to 10th Dec 2020 has got visa extension till 31st march 2022.

·  Also, the people holding prospective marriage visa can get processing fee refunds if their travel to Australia has been disturbed by Australian travel restrictions.

·  The visa holders who got visa extension on 10th Dec 2020 can get refunds if the holder of visa has not travelled to Australia after 10th Dec 2020 on one of the following conditions:

        ◦ The visa has been ceased

        ◦ Or the visa has been cancelled on the holder’s request

·  If your Prospective Marriage visa ceased between 20 March 2020 and 5 October 2020 the payer of the VAC may be eligible for a VAC refund if your visa ceased while you were outside Australia.

·  Those former holders of prospective marriage visas are also eligible for a refund if they were outside Australia and their visa ceased to be in effect between 20th march 2020 to 5 Oct 2020. Or the holder of this visa was in Australia and couldn’t marry his or her partner due to coronavirus restrictions.

These are the new updates about subclass 300 and how the holder of this visa subclass can get refunds of the processing fee they paid. This is no doubt good news for the people holding subclass 300 and are stuck outside Australia and also for the subclass 300 holders who couldn’t marry their partners in the provided time due to coronavirus restrictions.

A little about prospective marriage visa subclass 300?

This visa subclass is for the fiancé of an Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or a New Zealand citizen living outside Australia. Through this visa subclass, a prospective marriage partner can come to Australia and live there for nine months. In these nine months, the engaged couple is expected to get married. After getting married they can apply for other permanent partner visa subclasses.

 This visa subclass is for prospective marriage partner of one of the flowing people:

    • An Australian citizen

    • Australian permanent resident

    • An Eligible New Zealand national

This was all about an important visa that is subclass 300 which comes under the banner of the family visa Australia category and how the processing fee refund of this visa will help the holders of this visa in these difficult times.


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