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Good Uniform and Employee Morale: Are They Connected? All You Need to Know

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Certain companies and professions insist that their employees come to the workplace in a specific attire. They are either supplied with appropriate clothing with the name and logo of the company, or are asked to follow a dress code – it can be anything that they select and buy themselves, but within the specified standard, like formals or black skirts and white shirts. 

To maintain harmony in the texture of clothes, at times companies also specify the Brisbane embroidery service providers’ name, who expertize in manufacturing professional attires.

Quite a few studies have been performed to understand the correlation between uniform at workplace and employee morale. Both good and bad impact has been found; let's take a look at both aspects.

Impact of Proper Uniform on Employee Morale

1. Enhanced Business

A smart outfit, which employees enjoy wearing to their workplace every day, promotes business loyalty, and they also feel gratified for being able to represent their organization. 

However, depending on your sector, you can decide whether you want a strict uniform or a dress code which can be standardized and maintains harmony. For back-end jobs, a uniform for all might be too rigid. But, customer-facing executives represent the company, and when they are in uniform, it helps the business to a great extent.

2. Unity

Uniform crates a bonding among employees and also towards the organization. This, in turn, helps in creating a positive environment where each member feels a part of the team. 

When their mind is not thinking about unnecessary things like dresses, and how to be better than someone based on outward performance, team bond increase and also performance. Uniforms also help in removing the hierarchical system because there’s an absence of any defining elements which indicates one employee is ranked higher than another.

There’s also no discrepancy based on any factors like family background, financial background, etc. When employees enter their workplace, they feel like a part of a big organization, and the uniform helps to unite them all.

3. Equality

When on a specific job, all are the same regardless of their socio-economic background. And uniforms, to a great extent, help to remove the socio-economic element of clothing. 

In the workplace, the only thing that should be the base for evaluation is the performance at work. It is neither how well the employee is dressed nor how poorly he comes to the office. Outward appearance should not impact the evaluation process. 

Uniforms help to do it  - with standardization; outward appearance hardly gets in role to play. 

Moreover, employees are also spared from unnecessary expenses, which they otherwise have to incur in purchasing office wears. It can reduce financial stress on employees and keep them more stress-free. 

4. Professional Atmosphere

Uniforms undoubtedly specify a sense of professionalism. And in turn, helps in improving performance. 

Imagine the visual impact of medical, military, and public safety uniforms. These people are so distinguishable, and the moment we see them, we know that they mean business, and we feel related to them.

In other sectors, even if the strict dress code like public service is not implemented, fixing dress codes have always proved to be beneficial. 

It sets the mood of each professional, and it reflects in the office atmosphere.

5. Mind-frame

Uniform helps in getting the employees in a specific mindset. Too casual and relaxed dresses can impact the work culture as employees might start having an over-relaxed or informal approach to their work.

This is why schools also have school uniforms for their students – it helps to maintain decorum and generate respect for the institution.

6. Employee Conflict

It has often been observed that employees do not prefer wearing uniforms, and they at times feel aggrieved towards dress code mandate. This bitterness can start reflecting on their work and negatively impact their performance. 

Some employees feel that uniforms restrict their choices, and they suffer individuality complex. They complain of just being a face in the crowd lacking any way to differentiate themselves in front of the management.

However, proper, comfortable, and smart-looking uniforms can help to deal with this issue too.

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