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Google Analytics - why you should use it and its benefits

If you are using Google services such as Google Ads or you are focusing on SEO, you know that reports and analytics are really important. To achieve even better results, you need to control your ads or website on a daily basis. But do you have enough information to improve their performance? Google Analytics can help you with that.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the greatest tools available for every internet user. Thanks to this software, you can analyze in-depth details about the visitors on your website. You can gain valuable insights that can help you with your strategy of your business.

If you want to succeed, it is necessary to have a presence through a website. It is really important for you to learn the inner structure of your website to see if it is accomplishing its purpose or not. Also, you need to decide where to invest more time to achieve your goals.

Google Analytics can help you to track the details of what people do when they visit your website, what pages they visit and how long they stay on your website.

What are the main benefits of Google Analytics

There are many benefits of Google Analytics. In this part we will look into some of them. 

1. Its free

One of the main reasons to start using Google Analytics is because it’s free. You probably think that nothing in this world is free, but in the case of Google Analytics, it is not true. 

Google does not charge you anything for using Google Analytics which means you don’t have to pay or insert your credit card to use this product. This can save you some money and you can invest them in some other important things, such as advertising.

2. Customized reports

You can easily create a custom report that fits your needs. If you are not interested in some numbers, you can simply delete them from the report. Also, you can schedule reports as you like. All can be done within a few minutes.

3. Easy integration

Google Analytics offers a clear and easily usable interface which means it can be easily integrated with other tools and platforms. You can use it on Smartphones and Tablets through its app on the Google Play Store. If you are using Google Ads, it can be connected and integrated with your Google Analytics.

Simply link your Google Ads and Analytics in the settings which can save you some work and you can have better reports of your Google Ads campaigns. Besides that, you can also use Analytics with Google Search Console. There are many programs that allow you to integrate with Google Analytics, such as BlueWinston which can help you create campaigns in Google Ads within a few minutes.

4. Automatic collection of data

The future of digital marketing is in automation. Every hour that is saved on daily tasks can be used in other ways to improve your business. 

One of the main features is that Google Analytics data can be put into Google Docs, Sites or Spreadsheets. All you need to do is to copy a simple code from Analytics and put it on your website. This will allow Analytics to start collecting important data from your website and automatically make reports.

You do not need to perform any action in order to get the data. Google does all the work for you.

5. Measure internal site search

Every data collected by Google Analytics is important. They can help you better understand what your visitors are looking for and what they want. Thanks to Google Analytics you can see what potential customers are looking for after arriving on your website. This can help you understand better their behavior. 

For example, you are an e-shop owner who is selling different types of shoes. Thanks to Google Analytics you will discover that people are looking for sports shoes. If you do not sell sport shoes, you can expand your business, add them in your inventory and increase your sales based on the searches made on your website. 

6. Get all information about your visitors

Thanks to Google Analytics, you can get additional valuable data about your visitors and you can determine which channels drive you most of the traffic to your website. 

The audience section can provide you a lot of information such as gender, age, devices, interests or location. It also gives you data on how the visitors were driven to your website, which can be a really useful thing if you are paying for promotion.

  1. Gender - Thanks to gender you can describe your audience. It is really important if you are targeting gender audiences, for example, when you are selling women's shoes or men's t-shirts.
  2. Age - Knowing the average age of your website audience can help you to optimize your website, especially if you are selling something that is not for kids/adults.
  3. Devices - Thanks to Google Analytics you can see on which device people are browsing your website. This is really important especially if you are using Google Ads. You can turn off some of your ads for specific devices, such as tablets or smartphones.
  4. Interests - You can also understand the interests of your audience and you can optimize your website in accordance with their interests.
  5. Location - You will see all locations from where your audience comes. This can also help you with your Google Ads campaigns, you can optimize them based on the customers locations so you won’t pay for ads that are shown somewhere where you do not have any conversions.

7. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the most important metrics you should focus on. It displays the percentage of visitors who leave your website after visiting only one page. Your goal should be to reduce this rate as much as possible. If you have huge traffic but not sufficient conversions, that means people who are visiting your website do not find what they are looking for. 

One of the main reasons why you could have a high bounce rate is that your website is not optimized properly or your landing page is not attractive enough.

8. Find out what kind of content you should write

If your business is more focused on brand awareness or services, you should consider to write high quality content, such as tutorials, tips and tricks, guides, news, etc. Thanks to Google Analytics you will see which articles are the most successful so you can focus more on improving your content that can bring many leads or possible customers


As you can see, Google Analytics can be a really useful tool for your business. You will have an eye on everything that is happening on your website. You will have real-time results that can help you improve your business, brand awareness or increase your conversions and it is completely free of charge!  

Short Author Bio: Consultant for online business and marketing. Holder of every Google Ads certification. Account manager for BlueWinston - Automated product tool for Google Ads. Tech geek.

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Marek Fule
Marek Fule
Consultant for online business and marketing. Holder of every Google Ads certification. Account manager for BlueWinston - Automated product tool for Google Ads. Tech geek.
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