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Google Makes a Rare Education Technology Acquisition


Google has evolved in the way that it continues to approach the technological market while also ensuring that it continues to increasingly adopt the varying spheres and departments of the technological industries. Google’s approach has been towards expanding its course of projects reaching out to the varying niches that may be available within the market. Within integration of such an approach, it becomes crucially apparent that Google continually takes within grasp the varying industries and through such an approach Google has also begun to acquire services areas such as education.

Based on the fact that the education sector of the society continues to immensely employ technology within its diverse course of actions. Educational institutions at any level have increasingly adopted technological innovations to make the process of learning become much more integrative, interactive, efficient and effective. Moreover, such a transition has been increasingly employed within the education sector at any level, be it primary education, secondary or advanced; use of technology has increased to a great extent. Within such regards, it may be highlighted that Google initiated its process of developing an online portal through the integration of further introduction of an app through the name “Google Classroom”. It is proposed that over the time Google Classroom has managed to build up a customer base of more than 30 million users which continually utilize the various integrative options that Google Classroom continues to offer. The portal made available by Google makes it possible for the instructors and teachers to collaborate, integrate and assign tasks to their respective students in a much efficient and effective manner. On the other hand, students and even parents could easily look up the progress of their children in regards to each and every aspect related to the academics.

However, it is also essential to focus on how Google continues to acquire the market to itself where it sees an immense potential and thus, continues to make a rare education technology acquisition by recently acquiring Workbench i.e. a similar portal to Google Classroom which helps google expand even more. On the contrary, apart from the very basic aspects of making such aspects related to academics easily accessible online, there are certain factors which enable students to integrate better and get access to easy assistance where they could find trustable services which respond to their query of whether someone can write my essay cheap online. Students and even parents continue to look up for alternatives which could better help them integrate and succeed. Students are always ready to learn and an approach towards projects such as Workbench and Google Classroom, they do not have to go through complicated methods to get the right assistance; in fact, all the resources that they may need would be available online at a distance of a few clicks.

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