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Google SEO: How to succeed in 2021?

You may have heard the famous phrase “adapt or die” before. Well, OK, it's not a matter of life and death either ... But every year it's the same for SEO experts: you have to stay abreast of the latest trends in order to continue to offer effective strategies.

Artificial intelligence, voice search, local pages, featured snippets ... so many concepts that must be integrated into your SEO strategies for optimal Google SEO in 2021.

For that you have to know how to renew yourself, adapt ... in short ... change! As you know, there are 2 constants in life: change, and the fact that it is impossible to park on the Plateau.

 Good news ! Las Vegas SEO company has for you the 10 winning SEO strategies in 2021:

1. Optimize your content according to user intention

When looking to implement a Google SEO strategy, ask yourself first: what question is the user asking, and especially what answers do they want?

If I type for example “SEO Strategies”, I understand that the user is looking for articles in numbered lists, with key steps to follow:

Also consider adapting to the specifics of new algorithms, such as voice searches or local referencing .

2. Analyze the first page in Google SEO

It may seem like a fairly simple trick, but it is still effective! To best determine the search intent of users, type in your keyword and analyze which pages are currently ranked highest.

  • What titles appeal to users?
  • Which contents are the most favored?
  • Should you invest in creating a video or an infographic?
  • Is It A Good Strategy To List Your First Paragraph?

In the case of this research, it's smart to write your page as a recipe in numbered key steps to appear at the top in Google SEO:

3. Find an opportunity keyword

If you have followed our web writing guide, you have identified a keyword relevant to your persona and your content.

But beware: if you have surely analyzed the search volume , have you considered looking at the click-through rate of your keyword?

Among effective SEO strategies, identifying an opportunity keyword that generates a high click-through rate allows you to determine what content the user is actually interested in.

Need help ? Use tools like AHREFS to compare the click-through rates of your different keywords:

4. Create different or more qualitative content

Once you've identified your user's search intent, it's time to move on to your content creation . You can adopt two different SEO strategies:

  • Create different content
  • Create better content

If, for example, 99% of the articles are in the form of numbered lists of tools to test, it may be worth publishing a complete guide to set yourself apart, as we did for our complete web strategy guide:

If you want to draw heavily on what is already working, be more complete and exhaustive! Add tools or steps to your list, create infographics or share relevant numbers.

5. Work on the visual of your content

Just focusing on textual content is not enough. For your page to be well referenced, it must be pleasant to consult that it makes the user want to stay.

Invest today in the following:

  • Site design
  • Charts and infographics
  • Screenshots and images
  • Blog banners

Results? Your content is clearer and more qualitative, the user spends more time appreciating it, and Google favors you!

Bonus: you create backlinks at the same time if your visuals are of good quality.

6. Optimize your on-page SEO

To improve your Google SEO, optimize these 3 SEO strategies:

  • Create an internal network : send your readers to other pages of your website. This will not only enrich your content, but it will also be easier for the Google algorithm to index it.  
  • Favor a short URL, composed of your keyword, to facilitate your Google referencing.
  • Use the semantic field of your keyword to enrich the quality of your SEO
  • Use tools like Google Analytics or SemRush to identify relevant words:

7. Improve your existing content

To optimize your Google SEO, look at the content that you have already produced.

It will be quick and easy for you to optimize your existing page:

  • Add new features
  • Remove obsolete content
  • Proofread and optimize your text
  • Update your internal and external mesh
  • Reshare your content

You do not know where to start ? Check out our complete SEO audit guide.

Also use Google's Search Console tool to measure your performance on several SEO criteria:

8. Add an attachment point

To optimize the SEO of your site, one of the effective SEO strategies is to create quality backlinks.

How? 'Or' What ? Identify which links are shared in articles on your topic, and create content that can be shared! This will make you a source for other writers.

Include on your page:

  • numbers
  • facts
  • testimonials
  • tested novelties
  • comprehensive guides
  • case studies

9. Create links to your page

Creating qualitative content is often not enough to build backlinks. So take the initiative and suggest yourself to other sites to share your link.

Here are our 3 tips:

Look at broken links in articles on your topic

Contact the editor directly, being very specific. Explain to him that such and such a link in such an article is no longer valid, which affects the quality of his page. Lucky for him, you already have an article that can replace that link in seconds. He will thank you!

Analyze competitor backlinks and see if you can add your content to them

Pay attention to links already shared in an article. Can they be replaced by yours if it is more qualitative? Or can yours be added to the list because it brings a different point of view?

Once again, be very specific in your approach and state clearly:

  • the article in question
  • the link you offer
  • what your content brings to the readers of the initial article

Then contact the editors to share your new article with them without explicitly asking them for a re-sharing. In reality, there is a good chance that your page will be shared on their social media, or even integrated as a backlink in their article!

10. Increase your domain authority

A strong domain authority allows you to access the top spots in Google SEO much more easily.

How to improve it?

  • Create content with a partnership: the number of shares will be doubled
  • Share numbers, statistics, or exclusive content
  • Publish articles, podcasts or interviews on other blogs under your name to increase your notoriety and refer the reader to your website
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