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GPT-4: The Next-Gen AI Model with Multimodal Features and Improved Human-like Understanding

The new version of the artificial intelligence GPT-4 open ai arrives much more advanced. You can even do game developer tasks in a matter of seconds.

At a time when we were still exploring the amazing capabilities of state- of-the-art AI tools like ChatGPT, the renowned OpenAI company has taken another step forward and surprised us with its latest creation: GPT-4 . This new tool promises to vastly outperform its predecessors in terms of functionality and power. Its launch has generated great expectations in the world of technology.

In this sense, we must know that ChatGPT is an interface that allows us to interact with a "language model", that is, an artificial intelligence that currently uses the GPT-3.5 version. In other words, ChatGPT acts as a communication channel between us and the powerful natural language processing tool behind it.

Instead, GPT is a model that is constantly evolving, and each new version brings incredible improvements. For this reason, GPT-4 will now be able to handle more than 25,000 words, thanks to which it will be able to handle queries and conversations with a much broader context without getting lost during the conversation.

In the midst of our ongoing exploration of the wondrous capabilities of cutting-edge AI tools, OpenAI has taken a giant leap forward with their latest creation: the highly anticipated GPT-4. This impressive new tool boasts unprecedented levels of functionality and power, setting the bar even higher for its predecessors. The unveiling of GPT-4 has triggered a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation throughout the tech industry.

It's important to note that ChatGPT serves as an interface, facilitating interaction between users and a "language model," specifically, the GPT-3.5 AI. Essentially, ChatGPT acts as a communication conduit, linking users with the formidable natural language processing tool that lies behind it.

By contrast, GPT is an evolving model, each new iteration bringing a host of incredible enhancements. As such, GPT-4 is capable of handling over 25,000 words, enabling it to process queries and engage in conversations within a much broader context without losing track of the conversation.

New features of GPT-4

The new language model created by OpenAI has already replaced GPT-3.5 . GPT-4 's abilities are greater than his predecessor's. Here we detail some of the ones that have been found by users:

GPT-4 can create a functional website from a hand-drawn sketch on a paper napkin.

The user @skirano has made artificial intelligence code for the mythical video game Pong in less than 60 seconds. GPT-4 has been able to do it without any problems and on the first try.

As revealed by user @Shpigford, GPT-4 open ai is also capable of tracking charges made to our bank accounts or credit cards. Artificial intelligence is capable of giving us details of the company that made the charge, as well as the date and time.

GPT-4 is capable of transcribing lawsuits with a single click.

A Glimpse into GPT-4's Features

GPT-4's remarkable capabilities are not limited to understanding images and text. It can even explain jokes with ease, as confirmed by Sutskever, a renowned AI researcher. Moreover, this model's access will be limited to waitlist subscribers and ChatGPT Plus users in a text-only capacity.

The Standard of Perfection

Oren Etzioni, a prominent figure at the Allen Institute for AI, notes that open ai GPT-4 has surpassed all other models to become the new benchmark for evaluating foundation models. This is a testament to the remarkable improvements the model has made in various dimensions.

The Quest for Multimodal Models

According to Thomas Wolf, Hugging Face's co-founder, a multimodal model that can combine text and images has been the holy grail of many big tech labs for years. Despite several attempts, none have been successful until now. GPT-4 has finally achieved what was once elusive.

The Benefits of Multimodal Models

The integration of text and images in GPT-4 could allow for better understanding of the world. Wolf speculates that it could tackle the weak points of traditional language models, such as spatial reasoning. However, it remains to be seen if this is indeed the case for open ai GPT4.

GPT-4's Impressive Abilities

During a demo call, GPT 4 open ai outperformed ChatGPT in various areas. It excelled in basic reasoning, such as summarizing blocks of text in words starting with the same letter. It also performed better on human tests, including the Uniform Bar Exam and the Biology Olympiad. The fact that GPT-4 scored in the 90th and 99th percentile, respectively, is a clear indication of its superiority over ChatGPT.

Is GPT-4 good?

Yes, GPT-4 is a highly advanced language model that has surpassed all other models to become the new benchmark for evaluating foundation models. It has remarkable capabilities, including the ability to respond to both text and images and explain jokes. 

GPT-4 has also shown superior performance in various tests, indicating its superiority over other models.

How much better is ChatGPT 4?

GPT-4 outperforms ChatGPT in various areas, including basic reasoning and human tests like the Uniform Bar Exam and the Biology Olympiad. 

While ChatGPT may still have its own strengths, GPT-4 has established itself as a superior model.

Is GPT-4 free?

Access to GPT-4 is currently limited to users who sign up to the waitlist and subscribers of the premium paid-for ChatGPT Plus in a limited, text-only capacity. 

It is not free, but the exact pricing details have not been disclosed yet.

What can I do with GPT-4?

GPT-4 is a multimodal language model that can respond to both text and images. It can generate outputs based on the given input, such as providing recipe ideas for the ingredients in a picture of your fridge or explaining why a certain meme is funny.

GPT-4 has also shown superior performance in various tests, indicating its potential use in fields like law and biology. However, its exact use cases will depend on how it is further developed and implemented.


In conclusion, GPT-4 open ai is a magnificent achievement that has set a new standard for language models. Its multimodal capabilities and superior performance on various tests make it a force to be reckoned with in the world of AI. 

Although further evaluation is necessary, GPT-4 has already established itself as a masterpiece of technical innovation.

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