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People dine in restaurants not just for food but also for comfort. This is something that many restaurant owners consider. When you are able to provide comfort and convenience to customers, that makes your establishment a better place to dine in.

One of the first few things that people look for in a restaurant is the chair. Normally, chairs are the first to accommodate customers who wish to dine. It is therefore necessary to choose chairs that can provide ease and comfort to everyone. These requirements are actually offered by accent chairs.

Accent chairs are stylistic linchpins that add a more aesthetic design and better sitting comfort to your restaurant. These chairs allow an inviting atmosphere to anyone who beholds the material's state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

What makes accent chairs more interesting is that most of the pieces are either channeled or tufted. These details give an extra touch of elegance and glamour to the chair. Find an accent chair that will make a space in your store pop with glamour. Right on this page you will find some of the best accent chair designs that can fit to the theme of your restaurant.

  1. Duhome Accent Chairs


This elegantly curved accent chair provides maximum convenience to guests. Its ergonomic design perfectly fits your mid-back curve, supported with a soft back foam-filled cushion. This was purposely designed to relieve you from back tightness and provide comfort for long hours of seating.

The frame constructions of these Accent chairs undergone rigorous tests to ensure maximum durability. To match its outer metal frame, the chair's inner material is made with high density foam-filled cushion that adds to its sturdy look.

The weight capacity of the chair can hold up to around 280 lbs. Interestingly, the bottom part of the chair's legs is mounted with plastic rubber that serve as protectors specially for sensitive flooring.


  1. Rolled Arm Wingback Accent Chair Button Tufted Living Room Furniture Beige


Attract your customers with this rolled arm wingback accent chair positioned right next to your glass wall or door. This chair adds a touch of texture and style in your restaurant that provides better attraction inside. the armchair itself was beautifully crafted to blend with any design.

The upholstery is made with soft twill fabric making it more inviting to sit and relax on. Meanwhile the trim of its brass nail head gives a sophisticated edgy decor. A more comfortable support is also offered by the chair's channel shaped back. The frame is reliable and durable supported with rustic-finished solid wooden legs. Added to this, the detailed button tufting in its backrest highlights the elegant design of the chair.

 If you want to change the color of your accent chair's upholstery and maybe choose another fabric to fit your restaurants’ theme, you may visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop. The store offers various state-of-the-art and quality fabric that will surely meet your requirements. For years, Yorkshire fabric has served the industry with excellent reputation. It is the only company that makes an extra mile to provide the best fabric for you. The store can be searched online and located at its fabric mill shop at Yorkshire.


  1. Janelle Tufted Chair

Janelle Tufted Chair pride's its innovative design that compliments various themes of a restaurant. This piece of accent chair elegantly suits a dining table that adds attraction in your restaurant. The upholstery is made with neutral beige soft fabric adorned with diamond tufted back rest. This feature contours the chair's overall body which adds to the comfort that the product provides.


  1. Upholstered Natural Wood Accent Chair - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

This chair highlights a cushioned armchair with an appealing and understated style. Its fabric upholstery prides a minimalist neutral shade that easily complements any decor or theme. The wood frame is light yet sturdy that can support up to 275 lbs.

This accent chair features a backrest set and an oversized seat cushion. The clean lines and understated style of this piece creates a stylistic modern appeal inside. As minimalism becomes more popular, this chair also gets popularity because of its tidy minimalist look.

The fabric upholstery is excellent, as it provides a comfortable surface which easily blends with any interior decoration. The back cushion and seat are generously stuffed making it more inviting to sit on.

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