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Graphic Design - What Does It Cost?

Graphic Design

The graphic design industry has expanded, and graphic design is an important part of any business. The increasing sophistication of websites and other web-based services is also increasing the need for graphic designers who can work with website development. The globalization of website development is seeing an increasing number of workers who are becoming self-employed and using the outsourcing movement as an opportunity.

Graphic design fees

You can pay 45,000 pounds to 55,000 pounds per year if you want to hire a designer full time. However, the shift to contract work has seen a huge increase in self-employment. Freelance graphic design rates vary, and competition from highly educated freelancers around the world has slashed rates, particularly at the lower end of the freelance market. We give you our services in evening classes from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

An example of a typical job on the popular freelance site oDesk for a 'Website Design Modification' has an estimated budget of 100 pounds. This simple type of job would cost a lot more if you hired a graphic designer because of all the associated costs, plus having to guarantee enough work to make your job worthwhile.

How to check rates?

One way to see the rates offered is to view the web portals of popular independent websites. Available projects are constantly updated, and it's easy to see the projects and rates offered. There are many projects that have a project rate instead of an hourly rate, so it can be a bit difficult to estimate how long the project would take.

The sheer number of small projects that only require a few hours of work and range from 50 to 100 pounds shows that there are plenty of freelancers who are prepared to work hard by completing small jobs quickly to keep the job constantly going.

Freelancers Vs. Employees

Employing a freelancer or group of freelancers or a full-time worker is an interesting comparison.

Taxes: An independent professional presents you with an invoice when the job is completed, and all taxes are your responsibility. An employee means they must calculate and forward federal and state taxes related to their employment.

Vacation: An independent professional is responsible for your vacation and is generally a project employee. An employee is on vacation, and employers are required to pay for it and organize the work to be done when they are away.

Medical Care: An independent professional provides your own medical care and receives no sick pay. An employee must receive medical care, sick day supplies, and be insured against workplace injuries.

Skills: While both freelancers and employees only have the skills they already know, a freelancer with different skills can be hired instantly. An employee can improve their skills by going back to school or taking a course taking time and money.   You can look here https://blueskygraphics.co.uk/course-pricing/  the prices of 2020.

The additional costs of an employee should be carefully considered when thinking about graphic designer fees. The flexibility of being able to quickly hire multiple freelancers only when needed is a compelling reason to incorporate outsourcing into your business.

Expanding your business

One of the best things about incorporating freelancers into your business is that you can quickly respond to new graphic design projects by contacting and engaging the right people. You can also use your experience hiring freelancers to help you when you need people in other parts of your business, such as web design, coding, and writing work.

With freelancers, you have the flexibility to respond quickly, and you are only paying the freelancer when he is working on one of your projects. This is not ideal for everyone, but it has so many advantages that more people join the independent revolution.

Graphic design perspective

There are major changes taking place in the graphic design industry as traditional areas stagnate, and new areas expand rapidly. Computer-based graphic design is projected to require 60% more graphic designers in the next decade. This tremendous growth rate is driven by falling costs and an increased need for quality graphic work on websites as more companies are making a presence on the web.

The figures for developing economies, such as China and India, are even more prolific, and, as many design and marketing companies are discovering, Western companies are seen as premium partners that many major foreign companies would like to use to provide a presence premium web.

It is clear that graphic design is becoming more important, and it is important to establish long-term relationships with contractors and freelancers if you want to take advantage of the market opportunities they represent.

The appropriate freelance graphic designer can be a challenge—the some things to consider when choosing the graphic designer for your business.

Creativity vs. Designs that sell

Graphic designers are, of course, creative. It's in your blood. But sometimes, designs that are overly creative can interfere with your business goals. The right graphic designer must understand your business and your prospects/clients. For example, a designer may love bright and vibrant colours in their designs, but if your brand is, for example, IT or recruiting, this may contradict the image you want to portray of your business (for example, innovation and professionalism). It is key that your designer is creative, but that first focuses on the brand and objectives of your company.


Marketing is effective when customers and prospects see consistent messages or branding on all sales and marketing materials: ads, flyers, brochures, business cards. Today's most recognizable companies have created valuable brands through consistency.

To achieve this consistency, it is key to use the same graphic designer for all sales and marketing materials produced. A designer who understands your brand and your business strategies will have the same goal of turning your brand into a recognizable and ultimately profitable business.

Ability to understand your brief / requirements

Brochure, flyer, new company logo, or product catalogs - whatever you need to design, your designer must understand what your needs are, to design something that is as effective as possible to achieve your goals. If so, make sure your designer understands this. Essentials to Include in your graphic designer are summary for each design job:

Your target audience/clients (e.g., women, over 30)

Your goals or objectives (for example, 30 more customers to go to your store in the next 2 weeks)

Your business brand (for example, innovative, a new approach, etc.)

Reliability and Flexibility

A freelance graphic designer offers a much faster response time (around 2 business days). Your designer should be available to you quickly and respond to your emails/phones within 24 hours. Reliability is key.

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