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Great Tech to Improve the Efficiency in Your Business

Everyone is hard at work, but you know that your employees could be performing at a much higher level than they are presently doing. Getting more out of employee performance is a big win for your bottom line if you can achieve this goal. Knowing that you have to spend money to make money, it occurs to you that investing in more technology to augment employee productivity may be the right solution for your present dilemma. But the question remains, which type of tech will make a significant enough of a difference to justify the kind of investment sacrifice you are willing to make for the betterment of your company’s employees?

3D Printing

One of the great tech advancements of the modern age is 3D printing. With the ability to manufacture your own parts in-house, this makes 3D printing a tempting prospect that could aid your employees by allowing them to create what they need on the fly. This would be a major improvement over the logistic nightmare of having to wait for suppliers to provide your company with parts when they get around to shipping things your way. Instead of being at the mercy of your suppliers, you can both bypass their inefficiency and potentially save money at the same time by printing the parts you need. This is especially the case in the area of cutting out third party manufacturers while using 3D printing to produce your own prototypes. This approach will also prevent your employees from being stuck with nothing to do while waiting for parts that have not reached your business in a timely manner; hence, increasing the employee productivity metric in a significant way across the board.

A Mobile Printing Solution

Another area that could use some improvement around your company is making sure documents get in the right hands in a timely fashion. This is especially the case when it comes to communicating sensitive company data with your many satellite offices around the country. Purchasing the technology to advance your managed IT services with an enterprise mobile printing solution would make data move and print far more efficiently in your company’s network than it presently does. By giving your employees access to the data they need through a secure cloud-based service, this would ensure that employees from all your satellite offices could access and print company data in real time and be able to remain current with any policy or account updates in the moment. There would be no more excuses for not having the files and information they need on hand, because such information could be acquired and printed through any authorized mobile device that has been granted access to handle such information from the cloud-based network.

Artificial Intelligence

With advancements in AI pushing forward, cognitive computing and voice-operated interfaces are not the stuff of fiction or future endeavors. Rather, it is the substance of today’s emerging technology, and it is having a significant impact on keeping employees engaged and performing at a higher level in the workplace. Not only can something as liberating as a voice-operated interface help your employees work while on the move, but it can also improve work conditions for people who have difficulty using keyboards and mice driven applications. It really comes down to integrating command structures that are given by an employee’s own voice but where the execution is taken over by the computer at high speeds and increased rates of accuracy: a computer which both learns and understands with time and experience.

Your Bottom Line


When it comes to investing in technology to improve the efficiency and performance of your employees, there will undoubtedly be an initial high cost point to integrate new tech solutions into the workplace to achieve this outcome. Yet, over the long term, these tech-based solutions could easily pay for themselves many times over. This is especially true in cases where your employees are able to take on more responsibilities, because the technology is making their routines easier to execute and complete in far less time than they were doing before having access to this technological advantage.

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