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Grinding Deer Meat for Hamburger

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Grinding deer meat for hamburger by you is a good decision all the time than purchase from the butcher. 

Going to the butcher and picking the grinding meat needs a lot of time and much more money. Besides, you don't know the meat has come from deer or not, and they may not be fresh, too.

Oh! How many questions can come, and all of them can be so bad for our health without some facts.

If you want to make the hamburger at home for your family, you should know how to grind deer meat first and then follow the perfect recipe for the hamburger.

This post will help to know about all of this on one page. 

Let’s read more and learn more.

Grinding Deer Meat for Hamburger

In this section, you have to come over a few steps below.

Method-1: Prepare the Grinder

Step-1: Select the Meat Grinder

In the starting points, you should pick the best meat grinder so that you can get better grinding meat that will perfect to make hamburger easily. If you already have a meat grinder machine in your kitchen is very good. Otherwise, you have to go for the electric good meat grinder for deer. 

Step-2: Chill the Grinder

Chill your grinder blade and plate, and for this, you should keep them in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes. If they will cold correctly, you can grind the deer meat properly.

Method-2: Prepare the Meat

Step-1: Take the Fresh Deer Meat

Purchase the best and fresh deer meat from the supermarket or butcher and save a portion of them for next. Don't go to grind all at a time. Take sufficient meat for grinding, depending on your hamburger patty size and numbers.  

Step-2: Cut the Meat

Cut the meat using a Sharpe knife into small pieces so that you can feed them into the grinder hopper easily. Small pieces of meats don't' let you give much more force to push them to grind.

Step-3: Remove All Unwanted Items 

Check and remove all unwanted parts or items from the meat like bone, skin, excess fat, and other pieces. They will make an obstacle into the meat to grind and make the patty properly.

Step-4: Chill the Meat Cut Piece

Now the cutting meat into a plate and put them into the freeze for 30-minutes. Let them cold properly that actually better for grinding easily. But don’t freeze them. 

Method-3: Grind The Meat

Step-1: Assemble the Grinder

Get out the grinder parts that you have put into the freeze in this first method. Now assemble them and prepare the grinder machine properly. Plug on and check it works well. Now push the button off and go the next step.

Step-2: Feed the Meat

Feed the small cold pieces of meat into the grinder hopper but don't push them with force. Let it go gently. Keep your finger safe distance, so that doesn't happen any unwanted happen with your organs.

Step-3: Add fats

If you see the meat totally fatless, you need to add a few fats. It helps to make the patty tasty and perfect.   

Step-4: Hold the Meat

Take a large bowl to hold the grinding meat and set it up the grinder machine's ending point. Now you have got the grinding deer meat for making your hamburger only.

Recipe For Making Hamburger

Below we have shared the easiest recipe to make hamburger just in a professional way. 

·         Ingredients (serving -6 patties):

  • 2-pounds ground deer meat
  • 1/2 –cup crushed saltine crackers
  • 1-egg (large size)
  • Sauce: 2-tablespoon
  • Salt: 1-teaspoon
  • Garlic paste: 1-teaspoon
  • onion paste: 1-teaspoon
  • Black pepper powder: 1/2 –teaspoon


Step: 1

Take a large mixing bowl and take the grinding deer meat in it. Now add all ingredients with grinding beef, egg, and crushed crackers. Mix them well with your hand and prepare a silky mixer of the meat.

Step: 2

Press the mixed up meat down gently. You can try it with a knife to divide the patty mixer into 6-thick parts. Every part has to be 1/3-pounds in weight. 

Step: 3

Set the baking sheet and lined a foil paper to keep the ready patties. Give your wanted shape of the patty mixer. Make a big size than the bun that you have taken for burger making. Now set the organized raw patties on the baking sheet. Use a teaspoon to squash the patties so that they can't puff up when they start cooking.

Step: 4

Preheat the oven to 350-400-degree F. 

Step: 5

If you have prepared thick patties, you should cook them for 5 minutes every side equally.

Step: 6

Put the cooked patties into the bun, and then you can use other toppings to dish up with an outstandingly warm, just like restaurant burger instantly.

Our Final Thoughts!

Grinding deer meat for hamburger, yes, you have already seen that it is not a tricky task, and the recipe is not so difficult for anyone. If you make your mind, you can easily do it at home and surprise your family member.

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